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Phone and tablet unlocking - US government nudges it closer to law

US gov't nudges legal phone and tablet unlocking closer to law

US citizens are now one step closer to being able to do (more or less) what they want with their gadgets, as the government petitions the FCC to once again legalize wireless device unlocking.

White House agrees cellphone unlocking should be allowed, but jailbreakers left in limbo

White House invites in cellphone unlocking, but leaves jailbreakers out in the cold

The White House agrees with the 114,000+ US citizens who signed a petition to make cell phone unlocking legal.

What they didn't address: the legality of jailbreaking and rooting.

Windows RT "jailbroken", shows its Windows 8 roots

Open cage image courtesy of Shutterstock

A security researcher has discovered a way to allow any code to run on Windows RT/Surface tablets, effectively "jailbreaking" Microsoft's latest foray into mobile computing.

SSCC 99 - Hurricane Sandy, DMCA, do not track, Barnes and Noble and Facebook

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Michael Argast rejoined Chet this halloween to catch up on the week's news including new DMCA exceptions, Hurricane Sandy scams, Yahoo! ignoring do not track, Barnes and Noble credit cards skimming and Facebook's donation to spam research.

Should jailbreaking gaming consoles, mobile phones and tablets be legalized?


Yesterday, US copyright regulators opened up the floodgates for a public hearing of proposals to change copyright law, including authorizing the cracking of tablets, DVDs, gaming consoles and mobile phones. Tell us what you think...