JP Morgan Chase

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FBI arrests JP Morgan Chase former employee for selling account data

FBI. Image courtesy of Mark Van Scyoc / Shutterstock

The arrest came after a sting operation which resulted in bank account data including PINs being sold to informants and federal agents.

SSCC 168 - Amaze your friends by ruining all their USB drives! [PODCAST]

Here's the latest Chet Chat security podcast for your listening pleasure.

Sophos experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin take apart the latest computer security stories to turn them into news you can use.

It's only logical - the BIGGER the bank, the BIGGER the breach! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

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"Followup phish" targets possible victims of last month's JP Morgan Chase card breach


Here's a brief reminder of how cybercriminals use real security disasters to cause follow-up disasters of their own.

This time, it's a "followup phish" aimed at JP Morgan Chase customers...

JP Morgan Chase owns up to data breach: 465,000 customers at risk

JP Morgan Chase is the latest financial institution to own up to a data breach.

The details are still scanty, but it looks as though it happened back in July, wasn't noticed until September and was only owned up to in December...

US senator blames Iran for cyber attacks on banks

US senator blames Iran for cyber attacks on banks

US Sen. Joe Lieberman says people in the know are tracing the attacks to the government's cyber army and theorizes that the DDoSes are retaliation for economic sanctions and/or Stuxnet.