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Latvia blocking extradition of Gozi writer thanks to "disproportionate" US sentencing

Federal Bureau of Prisons - DENIED

One of three men indicted in the US earlier this year in connection with the Gozi banking trojan remains in his native Latvia, after courts twice blocked US requests for extradition.

The Latvian foreign minister has added his weight to the battle to resist the extradition, arguing that the potential 67 year prison sentence cited in the indictment is "disproportionate" to the crime the man is accused of.

Bank-raiding Gozi malware - three men charged in New York

The DoJ has published five "charging documents" filed in New York yesterday against three men accused of operating a bank-raiding malware enterprise.

The documents give a fascinating insight into a cybercrime operation...

Baltic SpyEye malware trio sent to prison

Baltic SpyEye malware trio sent to prison

Despite the cross-border challenges of prosecuting cybercrime, the cops sometimes do get their man - or men.

We think it's worth reminding you when this happens.