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SSCC 174 - Who says law enforcement isn't tackling cybercrime? [PODCAST]

Here's the latest epsiode of our weekly Chet Chat podcast, for your listening pleasure.

From a carder ring that got busted to a spamming system that ran amuck, let yourself be amused and educated at the same time...

SSCC 173 - Lest we forget [PODCAST]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly "Chet Chat" security podast.

Chet and Duck take on the week's news in their inimitable way...enjoy!

SSCC 162 - What are *you* doing to fight cybercrime in the next 12 months? [PODCAST]

Here's this week's Chet Chat podcast!

Chester caught Duck half way up a mountain to talk about why we need synergy to fight cybercrime...

"You're under arrest for possession of an insecure phone" - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's this week's 60 Second Security video.

News you can use in a format you can enjoy...all in 60 seconds!

Monday review - the hot 21 stories of the week


It's weekly roundup time!

Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.

Cops get serious about cybercrime, and not before time


The world's police forces are, it seems, starting to appreciate the scale and significance of the cybercrime problem.

Let's hope the process of international co-operation continues to pick up the steam we've been seeing in the last few weeks.

SSCC 143 - Heartbleed revisited, cybercrooks busted, failed malware cleanup censured by FTC [PODCAST]


From the latest Heartbleed revelations to various successes by law enforcement, Sophos experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin take you through the big computer security stories of the week.

Be entertained as you learn from the news, all in our regular quarter-hour podcast format.

SSCC 138 - Patching, zero-days, XP, APTs and CryptoLocker [PODCAST]


Join the dynamic duo for another entertaining quarter-hour on security.

There's Patch Tuesday, the impending end of XP, Advanced Persistent Threatitis, and some astonishing statistics about CryptoLocker.

NASA hack blunder, doxer jailed, PAYE cybercrime, $20k iPhone prize - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Why did Brazilian hackers target NASA? What happens to doxers? How much does it cost to get started in card skimming? And how much is a copy of your fingerprint worth?

Watch 60 Second Security and find out!

Would you believe it? Women more in favour of porn filters than men

Women more in favour of porn filters than men

75% of UK women support their government's proposals to make internet porn 'opt-in', compared to 43% of men, according to a new survey from market research company Kantar.

Facebook privacy, Google security bug, Law Enforcement victories - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Why did Facebook get into double trouble this week over privacy?

Find out the answer to this and more in just 60 seconds of entertaining and informative video!

Digital currency Liberty Reserve shut down by US governement


This week US authorities shut down Liberty Reserve, an online currency favored by cybercriminals. Will enforcement actions have any real impact on the underground economy?

How effective are data breach penalties? Are ever-bigger fines enough?

Since 2011, data security company ViaSat UK has spiced up the Infosecurity Europe conference by filing a Freedom of Information request for data breach statistics.

In previous years they've fallen out with the regulators over the matter, but things turned out better in 2013...

PayPal starts bounty program for security bugs

PayPal starts bounty program for security bugs

If you've found a security issue with PayPal, you could receive a monetary reward for informing the firm responsibly.

FBI acknowledges more SCADA attacks, increases cyber budget


The FBI acknowledged hackers have penetrated at least 3 US cities SCADA systems, one of them "major". The FBI is receiving a 12% budget increase for Cyber, but claims the division will double in size this year.

FBI Operation Ghost Click takes out DNS Changer malware network operators


The FBI is cock-a-hoop today, having just announced the bust of six Estonians for malware-related cybercrimes.

The case goes back to 2007, with the investigation itself apparently having taken two years.

Australian bomb hoax suspect tracked across internet and arrested in Kentucky, USA


For the last two weeks, Australia has been fascinated with a peculiar crime committed in one of Sydney's most prestigious suburbs.

If you've heard the name of the victim, Madeleine Pulver, you've probably heard the story behind the crime.

Macbooks, Korea, Spamford busted, phones lost, Anonymous threat - 60 Sec Security


No, the headline isn't a misprint. 90 Second News is now 60 Second Security!

Lots of readers said they'd like to see our 'news-with-a-conscience' videos more than once a month. So here you go. 60 Second Security, once every two weeks.

Sanford Wallace - the "Spam King" - busted yet again, this time faces years behind bars

Sanford Wallace - the "Spam King" - busted yet again, this time faces years behind bars

Notorious spammer Sanford Wallace, 43, of Las Vegas, Nevada, has turned himself in to the cops in San Jose, California.

Alleged to have used 500,000 compromised Facebook accounts to post nearly 30 million spam messages, Wallace now faces years behind bars.

Facebook to start paying security bug bounties

Facebook to start paying security bug bounties

Facebook is the most recent company to come to the bug-bounty party, officially announcing that "to show our appreciation for our security researchers, we offer a monetary bounty for certain qualifying security bugs."

Payouts start at US$500. Tempted?