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Remember those Facebook "Dislike Button" scams? This time it's real...

Zuck didn't say, but he did hint that maybe, just maybe, that long-awaited Dislike button is on the way...

Facebook iPhone 6 scams - how NOT to get sucked in


We "do the math" to help you explain to your friends and family why they are NOT getting a free iPhone 6 for clicking Like!

"Girl killed herself" Facebook scam - be aware before you Share!


The "Girl killed herself video" bait-and-switch scam on Facebook, now in its fifth year, is back.

Here are three tips to help us stamp these scams out at last.

Be aware before you Share!

Facebook "Likes" gain constitutional protection for US employees


Happy day, USA: When we click "Like" on Facebook, we are now constitutionally protected from getting fired!

If you're thinking, "Well, duh, wasn't I already?", join the club.

Today's Special - Honesty in soliciting Facebook Likes puts truth on the social media menu!

Today's Special - Truth on the social media menu!

How do you know whether the proud owner of a bunch of Likes is being honest about how those Likes were gleaned?

Paul Ducklin investigates a case of commercial honesty in respect of social media.

Facebook Worm - "Likejacking"

Image (2) facebook-clickjacking1.jpg for post 25516

Graham posted earlier about a new Facebook clickjacking worm, and as someone who saw this spreading like wildfire among members of my own contact list I thought I'd dig into it a little. The technique is exactly as Graham describes Read more…