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Searchable database of members of intelligence community posted online

Database taps LinkedIn, serves up profiles of 27,000 SIGINT workers

Transparency Toolkit's ICWatch uses Google search and search terms associated with surveillance activities and tools to put a human face on the surveillance state.

LinkedIn settles class action suit over 2012 unsalted password leak

LinkedIn settles class action suit over 2012 unsalted password leak

LinkedIn is privately settling the 2012 unsalted password leak. Were you one of the 800,000 affected users? Here's what you need to know.

Would you allow access to Facebook at Work? [POLL]

What would you say to a variant of Facebook that you could use at work?

And not just *at* work, but *for* work?

SellHack browser plugin ceases squeezing LinkedIn for hidden email addresses

SellHack logo

The free extension promised to "hack" LinkedIn profiles to get at what should be users' tucked-away, private email addresses. Much to LinkedIn's chagrin, it was doing just that (albeit spottily) until it got LinkedIn's cease and desist order, took the plugin offline and pledged to shape it into something that passes terms of service muster.

Stalking victim's petition to LinkedIn for blocking feature is finally heard

Stalking victim's petition to LinkedIn for blocking feature is finally heard

After being stalked by a former colleague via the career-oriented social network, a young woman started an online petition to get LinkedIn's attention, who have finally responded with a new blocking feature. But is it enough?

LinkedIn's iPhone 'Intro' tool goes outro

LinkedIn's iPhone 'Intro' tool goes outro. Image Twin Design / Shutterstock

LinkedIn's email plug-in for Apple iOS, designed to suction LinkedIn profile information and insert it into emails received on phones, was destined for a short life and a load of criticism.

Top tech coalition demands limits on government surveillance

Top tech coalition demands limits on government surveillance

A coalition of the world's leading technology companies - AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo - is asking the world's governments to reassess intelligence gathering practices.

LinkedIn denies hacking into users' email

LinkedIn denies charges that it hacks users' email

No, LinkedIn most certainly does not sink its marketing fangs into users' private email accounts and suck out their contact lists - well, at least, not without users' permission - the company said over the weekend in response to a class action lawsuit filed last week.

LinkedIn users sue over service's "hacking" of contacts and spammy ways

Four users have filed a class action lawsuit over the way LinkedIn harvests email addresses without permission and then sends them marketing blurb.

Monday review - the hot 21 stories of the week

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XKeyScore surveillance, Bradley Manning verdict, LinkedIn hole - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


What's XKeyScore all about? How did Bradley Manning fare? What about the authentication hole in LinkedIn?

Watch this week's 60 Second Security video and find out more!

LinkedIn closes OAuth hole that could have let people tinker with your CV

LinkedIn closes OAuth hole that could have let people tinker with your CV

Heaven forbid a malware author erases your years of slaving as a sysadmin.

Can Facebook updates predict suicide?


Researchers have developed a new study that will analyze volunteers' social media profiles, mobile phone content, and risk factors in an attempt to determine if text mining can help to flag self-harm.

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Monday review

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LinkedIn unhacked, Microsoft bounties, Java in your browser - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


It's that time again - time for this week's 60 Second Security, our fun-but serious "security news with a conscience" video series.

Give it a'll only take a minute.

The LinkedIn hack that wasn't


Bryan Berg, the co-founder of microblogging site, pronounced earlier today that LinkedIn had been hacked.

That turned out to be not quite correct, as Paul Ducklin explains.

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Botnet smackdown, Oracle on Java, Passwords you can eat - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Here's our latest 60 Second Security video.

From botnet takedowns to authentication tokens you's the latest security news in a easily digestible format!

LinkedIn flips the two-factor authentication switch

LinkedIn flips the two-factor authentication switch

Just in time for the one-year anniversary of getting its socks knocked off in an attack that saw 6.5 million passwords swiped. Thanks: that's a good anniversary gift, LinkedIn.

$5 million class action lawsuit over LinkedIn data breach dismissed

LinkedIn let off the hook in $5M class action lawsuit over data breach

No real damage was done, a judge ruled, and besides, paying for premium membership isn't a guarantee that you'll get premium security.

Ouch! So much for promises made in privacy policies.