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Apple iPad and iPhone infection risk?

Apple iPad and iPhone infection risk?

Major Australian media outfit Fairfax ran a story throughout the weekend warning about "Apple store infection risk". This was understandably a hot story across most of its dailies, including the Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Age, Brisbane Times and WA Today. Read more…

Hack in the Box - DNS expert swings a punch

Hack in the Box - DNS expert swings a punch

I'm currently in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, for HITB - the 8th Hack in the Box conference.

HITB prides itself on being a "deep knowledge" security event - no commercial speeches from vendors and no way to buy a speaking slot.

Stuxnet begone! Can we worry about EFTPOS now, please?

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Stuxnet, the malware story which refuses to die, has dominated recent security media coverage. Firstly, Stuxnet targets the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) used in plants and factories. Secondly, Stuxnet's prevalence was apparently greatest in Iran, giving hyperbolistas plenty to dine out on.

Microsoft - quarantine infected PCs!

Microsoft - quarantine infected PCs!

The Guardian leads today with the story "Microsoft: virus-hit PCs should be quarantined". The idea, endorsed on Microsoft's own technoblog, is not new. The theory is simple: if you are infected with a bot, then the best thing you can do...

Apple insecurity in San Francisco

Apple Macbook

I'm currently at SFO, San Francisco's main airport, waiting to fly back to Sydney. Thanks to the mysteries of international flight scheduling, I arrived from Vancouver so early that the Qantas check-in desk didn't open for another four-and-a-half hours, which Read more…

Malicious JavaScript – tricks and traps

Malicious JavaScript

Along with my fellow Sophos bloggers, I'm currently attending VB2010, this year's Virus Bulletin conference, in sunny (honestly!) Vancouver, BC. My first trip to Vancouver was in 1999, the first time VB took place in the Pacific North West. (It Read more…

September roundup - "90 Second News"


Don't just read the latest computer security news - watch it in 90 seconds! This month: when internet access chose the government; Adobe battles another zero-day; Twitter suffers XSS woes; and the Stuxnet malware keeps on making the wrong headlines. Read more…