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Privacy and targeting are among new video controls for Facebook Pages

Privacy and targetting are among new video controls for Facebook Pages

Now, video uploaders can discriminate - or is it target-market? - based not only on language and location, but also on gender and age.

Google ad profiling: what's causing the gender discrimination?

Google advertises higher-paying jobs to far more men than women

Google displayed ads for a career coaching service for "$200k+" jobs 1852 times to the male profiles and only 318 times to female profiles. But is it Google's fault?

PayPal backpedals on awful robocalling policy

PayPal backpedals on awful robocalling policy

"Sorry for the confusion!" it said, promising to erase the no-opt-out, robocalling/autotexting nightmare seemingly poised to grip the US.

Apple tweaks iOS 9 to stop advertisers getting our app data

iOS 9 tweak to stop advertisers from snooping into app download lists

Developers and advertisers have been eyeballing the apps we download to target-pitch their own wares. Apple are shuttering the peepshow.

FTC sanctions phone location tracking company for not allowing customer opt-out

Phone. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Nomi has been ordered to tidy up its business practices as part of a settlement with the FTC over its tracking of retail customers' smartphones.

Uber goes Big Data, shares customers' data with a hotel chain


Uber has joined the rank of Big Data sellers, up there with Facebook, Google and Visa. The product: data about customers' movements, where they shop, where they work, where they go and much more.

Facebook to let marketers see what people are talking about

Facebook. Image courtesy of Bloomua /

Pick your marketing keyword. Example: "frizz." Facebook's ready to offer (anonymised) data to the anti-frizz marketers about who's saying what.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft pay to get ads past Adblock Plus

Google, Amazon, Microsoft pay to get ads past Adblock Plus

Ad-buying big boys Google, Amazon, Microsoft and the content marketing platform Taboola have quietly ponied up the money to keep their ads from being blocked on Adblock Plus, the world's most popular software for blocking online advertising.

Pinterest to sell ads based on what you're thinking of buying

Pinterest. Image courtesy of Twin Design/Shutterstock.

Been pinning pictures of fancy kitchens? Well, isn't that interesting, says every appliance maker on the planet.

Google plans YouTube clean-up, ready for kid customers


The new services reportedly will include a dashboard for parents, a child-safe YouTube, and a new age requirement on Android gadgets. This might be a good thing. Can you imagine a YouTube that won't make you feel like you need a shower after a viewing session? Then this might be a bad thing. Helloooooo, micro-data-mining!

Businesses are building shopper profiles based on sniffing phones' WiFi

Businesses are building shopper profiles based on sniffing phones' WiFi

Location analytics companies are using consumers' phones to create portraits of people's habits as they go about their daily lives, whether that includes visits to nightclub, gyms, doctors' offices or whatever else you get up to in the day.

LinkedIn denies hacking into users' email

LinkedIn denies charges that it hacks users' email

No, LinkedIn most certainly does not sink its marketing fangs into users' private email accounts and suck out their contact lists - well, at least, not without users' permission - the company said over the weekend in response to a class action lawsuit filed last week.

Macs and malware - See how Apple has changed its marketing message


Apple has changed the wording on its website regarding Mac OS X and malware.

Find out what they said before, and what they say now...

What's in a domain name?


Was Microsoft's Bing search engine poisoned for one of Microsoft's own products? Maybe not, but there is a lesson here to be learned for internet marketers. Simply representing your brand can help users stay safe on the internet.