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MasterCard to trial pay-by-face for online purchasing

Selfie. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Stare at the phone and blink to prove you're alive, the company's security researchers decided. But didn't other researchers already foil that one...?

Target's settlement with MasterCard costs retailer $19 million

Target settles

Target says it reached a $19 million settlement with MasterCard to cover some of the damages to financial institutions after its December 2013 data breach. How much more is this breach going to cost?

MasterCard promises (slow) death to online payment passwords

MasterCard promises (slow) death to online payment passwords

Credit card giant MasterCard has shared plans to do away with passwords in online payments, with an all-new authentication standard to eventually replace 3D Secure.

MasterCard aims to reduce card fraud with smartphone geo-location technology

MasterCard logo

MasterCard and Syniverse are running a pilot scheme that aims to reduce credit card fraud by making sure that a customer's card and mobile phone are in the same location when the card is used.

Microsoft joins tech giants and FIDO in the fight for simpler, safer authentication

Microsoft joins tech giants and FIDO in the fight for simpler, safer authentication

Microsoft joins Google, PayPal, Lenovo and other tech giants as a member of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, a non-profit group working to design better and more standardised methods of checking identity across the internet.

US indicts 13 suspected Anonymous members for Operation Payback

US indicts 13 suspected Anonymous members for Operation Payback

Operation Payback was first launched in support of file-sharing sites but evolved to back WikiLeaks and to retaliate against the companies that shut down processing of the site's financial support. All participants had to do was to click a link, download the tool, and launch an attack...

Not-so anonymous Anonymouses head off to prison over PayPal DDoS

Four young Englishmen who went on an Anonymous rampage back in 2010 weren't as anonymous as they might have hoped.

They were traced, identified and two of them are on their not-so-anonymous way to prison.

A picked pocket in Mallorca reveals chink in chip-and-PIN security

A picked pocket in Mallorca reveals widespread hole in chip-and-PIN security

Researchers at Cambridge University are warning that a issue common to ATMs and point-of-sale terminals could enable attackers to clone secure EMV Chip and PIN cards.

MasterCard and Visa payment processor compromised, up to 10 million cards stolen

Image of credit card terminal courtesy of Shutterstock

Over 10 million credit cards may have been stolen by criminals who compromised a credit card processing company last month. Read on to find out what happened and what actions you may wish to take to protect yourself. brought down in apparent Wikileaks-motivated internet attack website down after apparent internet attack

MasterCard's website was knocked offline following what appears to be a WikiLeaks-inspired internet attack by hacktivists against it.

Once again, a denial-of-service attack is a hactivist's best friend - but don't forget they're illegal.

Hacker toolkits attracting volunteers to defend WikiLeaks

Low Orbit Ion Cannon

Principal SophosLabs researcher Vanja Svajcer investigates tools used in DDoS attacks coordinated by AnonOps group against major payment processing sites such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Hackers bring down Mastercard site for cutting off WikiLeaks


Operation Payback hackers have claimed to have brought down Mastercard's website, according to several news reports. The timing makes the rather strong suggestion that this action was in response to Mastercard cutting off Wikileaks' funding earlier this week.