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Aftertaste - The domain tasting era has quietened to a whisper

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On Thursday a report [PDF] was released by ICANN supplying data that implies the practice of domain tasting has come to an end. The traditional definition of domain tasting is the practice of purchasing a domain for the purpose of Read more…

McColo up again, down again

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While the take-down of McColo received a lot of attention in the last few days, it seems not everyone was listening: the company came back online yesterday for a while thanks to TeliaSonera AB, a Swedish ISP that has a Read more…

Alleged Silicon Valley spam source taken down; global spam volume drops 75%

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A critical piece of at least one spam gang's cyber-crime infrastructure was allegedly taken down Tuesday following a four-month-long investigation by the Washington Post, leading to what multiple sources cited by the Post describe as an immediate approximately 75% drop Read more…