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How to teach tomorrow's doctors about social media privacy

Teaching the next generation of doctors about digital privacy can’t just be about punishment

Social media and health care privacy may not mix well, but telling the trainees who have grown up with social media to simply "abstain – or else!" doesn't help students structure their behaviours in the digital age.

SSCC 78 - IE 9 upgrades, Android malware, Carrier IQ and hospital shut down from malware

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Gary Korhonen joins Chet for this week's podcast discussing the automatic upgrade of Internet Explorer, Android Market malware, Carrier IQ and an infection that shut down a hospital in Georgia.

Stanford Hospital leaks 20,000 patient records


Stanford hospital lost 20,000 sensitive records through a mistake made by a third party billing company. When will our electronic health records be properly safeguarded?

HIPAA fines prove the value of data protection


This week the US Department of Health and Human Services levied the first fines under the HIPAA act. Now that they have proven they mean business, other health care organizations need to be sure they have the proper protections in place.

This could save your LIFE!

This could save your LIFE!

The following internet advice, which may have a subject title such as above, could just get you killed. Like any other middle aged, balding, over-weight chap my mother still worries about me. So when her friend sent this to her Read more…