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Kim Dotcom of Megaupload will finally face the music over extradition

The big fella from New Zealand has failed to delay his extradition hearing for the umpteenth time.

He'll face the music next week...

Kim Dotcom offers $5M (£3M) for whistleblower help

Dotcom offers $5M (£3M) for whistleblower help

Megaupload's founder is offering mega-bucks to anybody who can help him prove his long-argued contention that Hollywood studios illegally set US authorities on him.

"David vs Goliath & Godzilla" - Hollywood files lawsuit against Megaupload

Cinema. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The Kim Dotcom/Megaupload mega-saga continues, with six mammoth movie studios filing suit against what they say is the former file-sharing site's mega-monster-mind-numbingly-massive copyright infringement.

Beware of encryption companies bearing gifts!


An iPhone messaging app that claims to be "totally secure" is offering a £10,000 prize to anyone who can intercept a message from it.

Paul Ducklin wonders how you are supposed to win the prize if the app really is "totally secure"...

Kim Dotcom's Megaupload saga takes another turn - FBI wins appeal in extradition case

Kim Dotcom - image from

The Kim Dotcom saga took yet another turn today when the New Zealand Court of Appeal knocked back one of the big fella's earlier minivictories again US law enforcers.

Paul Ducklin takes you through the timeline of the story so far, and tries to guess what happens next...

Mega's bug bounty program - one week down, "a few billion billion years" to go

Mega, the cloud storage service brought to you by Kim Dotcom, has released the first feedback on its bug bounty program.

It's only a week in, so the major prizes haven't been scooped yet...and Mega's saying they'll be safe for "a few billion billion years" yet.

Monday review - the hot 24 stories of the week


It's weekly roundup time.

Here's everything we've written in the past seven days.

Kim Dotcom's coders hacking on Mega's cryptography even as we speak - true "perpetual beta" style

Kim Dotcom's new venture, Mega, wants to shield itself from accusations of failing to take action against piracy.

It does so by using cryptography to make sure it doesn't see, and indeed cannot tell, what you've uploaded. But you have to get the crypto right...

Kim Dotcom takes issue with critics taking issue with his new MEGA service

The party-time news of the past weekend was the launch of Kim Dotcom's comeback file sharing service, Mega.

Crypto critics have already taken issue with some aspects of Mega's implementation, and Dotcom has taken issue right back at them...