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Memories of the Michelangelo virus


Where were you on March 6th 1992? Graham Cluley goes back in his time machine, and remembers the story of the biggest virus scare of all time - Michelangelo!

Memories of the Nimda virus

Memories of the Nimda virus

This weekend is the tenth anniversary of the infamous and pervasive Nimda virus.

It taught us lessons - about programming, about trust, and about patching. But did we learn?

Memories of the Chernobyl virus

Memories of the Chernobyl virus

The CIH virus, also known as Chernobyl, quickly became one of the most commonly encountered viruses in the wild. Graham Cluley takes a look back in time.

Memories of the Anna Kournikova worm


It's ten years since the Anna Kournikova worm spread around the world.

Graham Cluley reminisces about the worm, and tells the story behind one of the world's biggest virus outbreaks.

Memories of the Love Bug worm

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Do you remember when the Love Bug worm spread around the world?

I remember pretty clearly Thursday, May 4th 2000.

Memories of the Melissa virus

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It all started with just one file being uploaded to the internet. An infected Word document was posted to the usenet newsgroup on March 26 1999. Most people probably thought a Word .DOC file was harmless, even though simple Read more…