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Explaining how to use pirate site Popcorn Time can get you arrested


The law is moving to crush the "Netflix for pirated movies" like so many crunchy snacks littering the floor of a crowded movie theater.

Don't wear your Google Glass or other wearables when watching a movie

Google Glass banned in US movie theaters

Two trade groups have officially adopted a zero-tolerance policy against all wearable recording devices being on during showtime.

"David vs Goliath & Godzilla" - Hollywood files lawsuit against Megaupload

Cinema. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The Kim Dotcom/Megaupload mega-saga continues, with six mammoth movie studios filing suit against what they say is the former file-sharing site's mega-monster-mind-numbingly-massive copyright infringement.

US indicts 13 suspected Anonymous members for Operation Payback

US indicts 13 suspected Anonymous members for Operation Payback

Operation Payback was first launched in support of file-sharing sites but evolved to back WikiLeaks and to retaliate against the companies that shut down processing of the site's financial support. All participants had to do was to click a link, download the tool, and launch an attack...

Click on an Anonymous link, and you could be DDoS'ing the US government

FBI: Anonymous has been exploiting Adobe flaws in yearlong, ongoing assault on US gov't sites

Anonymous seems to want revenge after the arrest of Megaupload's founders on piracy charges.

Take care what links you click on, you could be launching a denial-of-service attack against the US government and entertainment industry.

4chan takes on MPAA, RIAA and Aiplex... and wins

4chan takes on MPAA, RIAA and Aiplex... and wins

Update 3:BPI went down occasionally for short periods of time, but they seem to have gained the upper hand in defending their site. Update 2:RIAA is back online as of 9:10 PM Pacific time. The attack on the BPI is Read more…