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Nude photos of Justin Bieber a ruse: bellybutton tells the tale! Think before you click

Justin Bieber. Image courtesy of Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.

Nude photos allegedly of the star began circulating soon after his laptop and camera were stolen. Clicking on such files is always a bad idea, given that malware loves to piggyback on celebrity news. Besides, as any true Belieber knows, Justin has an outie.

Would you open a sexy email sitting in your business inbox?

Would you open a sexy email sitting in your business inbox?

Imagine you are at work. You're rattling through your email message. And in your inbox, sitting quietly, is a message with the word "sexy" in the title...

Would you open it?

Facebook "likejacking" targets World Cup, BP, Shrek, UFC, ...

Facebook clickjacking scams surge

We said we thought we were going to see a lot more Facebook "likejacking", and sure enough that's exactly what's happened - there's been an explosion of pages exploiting this technique to get users to "like" pages without them even Read more…

Don't click on 'Paramore n-a-k-ed photo leaked!' Facebook link

Don't click on 'Paramore n-a-k-ed photo leaked!' Facebook link

Updated Many Facebook users are being hit by further clickjacking attacks today, taking advantage of the social network's "Like" facility. The latest lure is a link which claims to point to a website containing a naked photo of Hayley Williams, Read more…

Erin Andrews Peephole Video maker jailed, as hackers take advantage

Image (2) erin-andrews-youtube.jpg for post 16003

Remember the ghastly story from last year of how ESPN sports presenter Erin Andrews was secretly filmed naked in her hotel room? The video was predictably posted on the internet. If that wasn't unsavoury enough, hackers weren't slow to take Read more…