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Welcome to Zmap, the "one hour turnaround" internet scanner

Scanning the whole internet has typically taken weeks or even months.

Here comes Zmap, an open source scanner that aims to knock the same job on the head in less than an hour!

Popular network tool Nmap in CNET security brouhaha


CNET offers a download of the free Nmap software, but not from Nmap's own site. Instead, CNET has wrapped the Nmap installer with a program of its own. On your way to Nmap, you're pushily offered a toolbar first.

Find out why this sort of thing is a Bad Idea.

Black Hat 2010 – are we headed for cybervictory?


Las Vegas in general, and the Black Hat conference in particular, really do seem larger-than-life, as you can see in the video I made at the outset of the event. Even the bookstand offers a bewilderingly eclectic range of publications, Read more…