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Where would you be on New Year's Eve without a #sophospuzzle?

Try our New Year's #sophospuzzle and you could win one of five cool "ASCII art" T-shirts!

Fastest correct entry wins a shirt outright; the other four prizes will be drawn at random...

SSCC 129 - Hypervisors, apologies, backdoors and Twitter hacks [PODCAST]


Chet and Duck look at the security stories that made the headlines over New Year 2013/2014 - from the OpenSSL "hypervisor hack" that wasn't, to the Skype Twitter breach that shouldn't have happened - and explain how we can learn from these mistakes to have a safer and more secure 2014.

All the #sophoscrossword winners for 2011/2012


Check out the country-by-country medal count for the 2011/2012 #sophoscrossword!

You'll also find hints (if you got stuck along the way but still want to finish under your own steam) or a full solution (if you just want the answers).

VIDEO: How to solve the #dragontattoo #sophospuzzle


By popular request, here is a video explaining how to solve the Dragon Tattoo-themed puzzle we published earlier this week...