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I LOVE YOU - Virus-inspired movie trailer and world premiere


The Love Bug, one the most infamous viruses of all time, has inspired a movie. Will you go to see it?

Hacked road sign spells POOP

Hacked road sign spells POOP

First there was a warning that there were zombies on the road ahead, then there were signals that the British were invading America, now another hacked road sign has chosen to display some rather less serious messages.

Computer crime in the future (as predicted in 1981)

Computer crime in the future (as predicted in 1981)

I was sent a link to this marvellous article on the Paleo-Future blog about a book which predicted the future of computer crime.. in 1981. Here is the double page spread from "School, Work and Play (World of Tomorrow)": Click Read more…

Could this be the most stupid spam I have ever received?

Could this be the most stupid spam I have ever received?

Here's a spam email I just received: "I am not sure if you're aware of why your ranked this low.." Err.. I know this is a long shot, but could it possibly be because our website has nothing to do Read more…

Data-stealing 'smart dust' - should we be worried?

Data-stealing 'smart dust' - should we be worried?

A journalist contacted me yesterday to ask my opinions on a possible future security threat - smart dust. According to the "Life and How We'll Live It" Futurizon report, commissioned by Fujitsu, criminals bent on stealing your data might start Read more…

The dumbest question Sophos has been asked this week

The dumbest question Sophos has been asked this week

Here's a message that the SophosLabs YouTube channel received today from a fellow user: Crumbs. I wonder if they realise we're a computer security company, and that we're kinda against this sort of stuff. Anyway, I'm stumped as to how Read more…

Sophos's Top 10 Kung Fu sales tips

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Things are going to be a bit quieter than normal on the Clu-blog front for a couple of weeks as I take a break to recharge my batteries. Hopefully some guest bloggers will pop up to keep the blog motoring Read more…

Scaremongering scientist claims to have infected himself with computer virus

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A British scientist at the University of Reading is claiming to be the first human to be "infected with a computer virus". According to a report on BBC News, Dr Mark Gasson, a senior research fellow working at the university's Read more…

Election day vote: What punishment for cybercriminals?

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Updated to include poll results. It's election day in the United Kingdom, and the nation is on tenterhooks to see who wins what looks like being the closest vote in decades. This morning Mrs Clu-Blog and I - accompanied by Read more…

Anti-peeping webcam protects your privacy

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I've discussed before the problem of perverts and cyberstalkers using malware to grab control over their victims' webcams , in order to secretly spy upon people in their bedrooms. On occasions, hackers have exploited the technology to blackmail young women Read more…

Spam fortune cookies

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I've always had a sneaky respect for the inventiveness of spammers and other cybercriminals. Although what they get up to is clearly morally and legally wrong, from time to time you have to respect their entrepreneurial zeal and ability to Read more…

Spam filters force Beaver magazine to change its name

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One of Canada's oldest magazines has reportedly changed its name because of the problem of spam and web filters incorrectly blocking its content. The magazine's name is "The Beaver". According to a BBC news report, The Beaver's attempts to expand Read more…

SophosLabs, Croatia and Jet Set Willy

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I've just come back from a trip to Sophos's most recently opened lab, based in the beautiful city of Zagreb. SophosLabs Croatia is based at a top secret location, within skipping distance of Zagreb's financial district. At least it would Read more…

Reality star turns back on TV to fight cybercrime

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According to a report in glossy celeb gossip magazine "People", reality star Spencer Pratt is quitting TV to focus on fighting internet threats. Spencer Pratt, who has carved a name for himself as 'the guy you-love-to-hate' in reality MTV show Read more…

Download your very own Black Screen of Death

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There has been a right royal ruckus over the so-called Black Screen of Death in the last few days. Security firm Prevx kicked things off by warning that "millions" of Windows users could find themselves in front of a black Read more…

Facebook Easter Egg causes a flap

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My mate Ben told me a story the other day which he thought I would find amusing. He's a Facebook addict, and has been regularly cajoled for spending hours checking the social networking site for updates from his buddies instead Read more…

The morning after the night before at Virus Bulletin

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The second day of the Virus Bulletin conference kicked off nice and early at 9am here in Geneva. This was possibly bad news for those attendees who created a splinter faction last night and decided to drink on the terrace Read more…

End of the road for Klingon Anti-Virus

End of the road for Klington anti-virus

Just shy of 100,000 people downloaded Sophos's Klingon Anti-Virus earlier this year, which offered to scan your Windows PC for viruses, spyware, adware, Tribbles and zero-day threats. During the course of the experiment we not only found that Helsinki was Read more…

Will spammers start pushing watermelon for erectile disfunction?

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Word reaches me that researchers have found that eating watermelon has the same effect as taking Viagra. Apparently, watermelon contains the chemical citruline which affects human's blood vessels in a similar way to how Viagra can enhance sexual experience. According Read more…

TV station finds failing to renew its anti-virus subscription can be really embarrassing

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Failing to renew your anti-virus subscription isn't just bad for security, it can also leave you looking a little silly. Here's what happened to a FOX TV station in the States, when it failed to renew its copy of Norton Read more…