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NOT OK, Google! Privacy advocates take on the Chromium team and win...

Privacy advocates were unsurprisingly unimpressed that Google's Chromium project silently downloaded a proprietary add-on...

...that listened to your microphone.

TrueCrypt mystery - forking weirder than before

The TrueCrypt mystery is solved!

The developers have spoken!

Unless, of course, the latest "solution" is yet another layer in the mystery...

FreeBSD shutters some servers after SSH key breach

FreeBSD shutters some servers after SSH key breach

FreeBSD has announced a smallish system compromise.

The FreeBSD administrators took a bunch of servers offline to investigate, and published a blow-by-blow account of what they know about the breach so far.

Popular network tool Nmap in CNET security brouhaha


CNET offers a download of the free Nmap software, but not from Nmap's own site. Instead, CNET has wrapped the Nmap installer with a program of its own. On your way to Nmap, you're pushily offered a toolbar first.

Find out why this sort of thing is a Bad Idea.