Operation Aurora

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Hillary Clinton: China hacks 'everything that doesn't move' in the US

Hillary Clinton: China hacks 'everything that doesn't move' in the US

In the wake of the OPM breach, Hillary Clinton attempts to show presidential credentials by going on the offensive against Chinese hackers.

Operation Aurora hack was counterespionage, not China picking on Tibetan activists

Operation Aurora hack was counterespionage, not China picking on Tibetan activists

Claims are made that the Aurora hackers weren't just Chinese-sponsored hackers bent on messing with Tibetan activists.

Rather it was a Chinese counterintelligence operation that sought to discover if the US had uncovered the identity of clandestine agents operating within its borders.

Celebrate the holidays with some new Chet Chats

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The latest 3 Sophos Security Chet Chats feature David Schwartzberg, Michael Argast and Sean Richmond. We discuss all the latest security news including faster encryption, WikiLeaks, mobile security and the "Do Not Track" proposal.

Politics and malware make strange bedfellows


Stuxnet, China, Iran and Aurora! A busy day for cyberwar or lessons that we can all take away?

Stuxnet? Let's stop being scared of shadows


Sky News just published an article, complete with video, entitled Stuxnet Super Virus 'In Hands Of Bad Guys'. In the article and the video, you will see and hear a variety of startling claims.

All we need now is some genuine evidence.

Oil companies attacked, espionage not just for Google

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The Christian Science Monitor reported today that Marathon Oil, ConocoPhillips, and ExxonMobil were compromised in 2008 by hackers. This attack follows the pattern outlined in the press this month about the Operation Aurora, attacks on Google, Adobe, and other unnamed Read more…

Can we *prove* China is behind Operation Aurora?

Can we *prove* China is behind Operation Aurora?

Is it possible to prove that the recent hacks against Google, Adobe, and others were sponsored by the Chinese government? It's not that easy. You see, although there's unlikely to be anyone with a better motive for cracking into the Read more…

Operation Aurora: Microsoft knew about Internet Explorer flaw for four months

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On Thursday there were sighs of relief from all corners as Microsoft released a security patch for a vulnerability that had been exploited by hackers. The patch fixed a critical zero-day vulnerability in versions of Internet Explorer that would have Read more…

Operation Aurora: Patch available, new evidence of China connection

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Microsoft has responded very quickly turning around a patch for the 0 day exploit in Internet Explorer in approximately one week. This is impressive, as something as complicated as Windows with all of the language variants, service packs, etc is Read more…

Operation Aurora, and a brief video apology from me

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Paul Ducklin of this parish (well, actually our Sydney, Australia office) has made a terrific video, demonstrating the Internet Explorer vulnerability at the heart of the Operation Aurora/Google vs China hacking story. If you watch the video you can see: Read more…

The Operation Aurora exploit - live and explained on video!

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The Operation Aurora Internet Explorer vulnerabilty is the biggest IT news story of the year so far. So watch this video now. (Also available in High Definition.) The video covers: Quick recap of the history of Operation Aurora Roughly how Read more…

Firefox and Opera benefit from Operation Aurora fall-out

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According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the high profile "Operation Aurora" hack attack against Google and some 30 other companies has been good news for some firms. Namely, the makers of the Firefox and Opera web browser. Read more…

Microsoft to release "Operation Aurora" fix out of band

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Microsoft has just announced they will be releasing an out-of-band fix for the "Operation Aurora" Internet Explorer zero-day exploit. This is great news for Internet Explorer users and should serve as enough warning to IT administrators to prepare to roll Read more…

Operation Aurora Update - Google, Adobe, and the 0 day flaw in IE

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Being that we have been blogging as the story develops, I thought I would create a brief summary of where we stand. We are now approaching the one week point since Google announced it would stop filtering search results in Read more…

Operation Aurora: More on the IE zero day

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Following last week's announcement of the new zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer, and its role in high profile, targeted attacks [1,2], the news wires have been hot with announcements about 'what to do'. Particularly strong warnings have been sent Read more…

Operation Aurora: France says stop using Internet Explorer

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It looks like European countries might be falling over themselves to boost the uptake of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and other non-Microsoft internet browsers. The French government has followed in the footsteps of its German counterparts by recommending that users stop Read more…

German Government: Don't use Internet Explorer

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The German government has advised computer users not to run Internet Explorer and run an alternative browser instead, because of a critical zero-day security flaw. The advice, which came in the form of an official statement from the German Federal Read more…

Danger! Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability - no patch yet

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Microsoft has released a security advisory about a previously unknown vulnerability in versions of Internet Explorer. There is currently no patch for the vulnerability which is being blamed, in part, for the high-profile attacks against Google, Adobe and other companies. Read more…

Adobe confirms it was also hit in 'Operation Aurora' Google hack

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At almost the same time as Google was telling the world that attacks it believed to have originated from China had targeted its systems, Adobe made a brief statement saying that it too had been on the receiving end of Read more…

Google, China, Censorship and Hacking

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I was out of the office yesterday and away from a computer, so I wasn't able to comment on what is undoubtedly the biggest computer security story so far this year: the news that Google was looking to stop censoring Read more…