Operation Hunt Hunter

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Revenge-porn king Hunter Moore indicted on 7 counts of aggravated identity theft

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Moore and alleged accomplice Charles "Gary" Evens were also indicted on 8 other counts including conspiracy and 7 counts of hacking to steal victims' nude or sexually explicit photos.

Revenge-porn website victims launch action against Texxxan and GoDaddy

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Payback's a b*tch. For one website, that payback's being sought by 17 women claiming invasion of privacy and mental anguish. They want the site shuttered, and they want the lowlives to pay, even if it's just chump change that GoDaddy made from facilitating their humiliation.

Anonymous goes after Hunter Moore, the infamous revenge-porn website publisher

Anonymous goes after Hunter Moore, he of revenge-porn site infamy

Those claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous have declared war on the internet's most hated man, Hunter Moore, who gained infamy by publishing pornographic photos of people without their permission, in fulfillment of the wishes of their bitter exes.