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That's SHUTTING down your PC, not SHOOTING it down! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Ever felt like shooting your PC? This guy did it! (And more news in our weekly one-minute security video.)

Facebook hit with class action lawsuit over facial recognition data

Facebook hit with class action lawsuit over facial recognition data

A new lawsuit alleges Facebook violated users' privacy rights to build world's largest privately held database of facial recognition data.

If the government confiscates your spyware, where does it end up? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly "60 Second Security" video.

An entertaining way to turn news into knowledge...and it only takes a minute!

Twitter to start snooping at which apps you have installed - here's how to opt out

Peeking. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Twitter is set to start peeking on users' iPhones, iPads and Androids in order to see what apps they have downloaded. It's opt-in by default, so here's how to opt out.

U2's Bono says sorry for foisting album on everybody's iTunes


In a Facebook interview, a U2 fan - or, well, maybe just somebody who took advantage of the chance to tell off the band - asked the band to please never release an automatically downloaded album again, given that "It's really rude."

Apple's free gift: Did U get the album 2?


Apple's gift of a free U2 album for iTunes users?

Turns out it's "free" as in "compulsory"...

The EPIC edition - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

One less opt-in app, one more Android virus, and a bunch of EPIC failures...

All in this week's 60 Second Security.

Canadian spam, New York taxis and Brazilian passwords - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Canada goes "opt in", NYC makes a hash, and Brazil forgets its punctuation.

It's 60 Second Security for 28 June 2014!

Spam in Canada goes "strictly opt-in" in one week - with a grace period of only THREE YEARS

It's been a long, long, long time coming, but spam in Canada really does go "strictly opt-in" on this year's Canada Day, 01 July 2014.

After that, you will have a meagre THREE YEARS to adapt your business practices and acquire express consent from your mailees...

Safer Internet Day: don't be an online sheep - our Top 10 Tips help you think before you act


Today is Safer Internet Day, aimed at helping youngsters to enjoy the internet without putting themselves at risk.

So here are our Top 10 Tips. Don't be a sheep and just follow the defaults - it's OK to be different, and to think for yourself before you make choices online!

UK to trial national emergency alerts via mobile phones - what are the risks?


The UK is to trial a national emergency alerting system based on text messaging to your mobile phone.

Other countries have already done this, so it sounds uncontroversial - but can it be made to work safely and securely?

Facebook is turning facial recognition back on - so here's how to check your "photo tagging" settings

Facebook is turning its controversial facial recognition feature back on so that your "friends" can tag you more easily in photographs.

Now would be a good time to revisit your photo tagging security settings - here's how.

CAN-SPAM spammers with a sense of humor

Spam cloud

SophosLabs researcher Richard Wang ran into a unusual opt-out disclaimer earlier today in an email message. It would appear that this spammer has a sense of humor and is polite to boot!

Telephonic irony - "Hello, this is the Do Not Call Register calling"

It was a breach of the law serious enough to attract a $110,000 fine, but you still have to laugh.

The company that operates Australia's Do Not Call Register has been found guilty of making unlawful calls to subscribers on the Do Not Call Register.

LinkedIn responds quickly to complaints about 'social ads'


Yesterday, we invited our readers to complain to LinkedIn about its new opt-out 'social ads' feature.

LinkedIn has already responded publicly, which is a great result - for you and for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn 'does a Facebook' - your name and photo used in ads by default

LinkedIn 'does a Facebook' - your name and photo used in ads by default

As a non-user of LinkedIn, I haven't been tracking changes to the default privacy settings of the service, or the implications of those changes.

Neither, it seems, has most of the rest of the world. Perhaps we should have been.

Apple, RSA, Facebook, spyware, scareware, DDoS - 90 Sec News - June 2011


Don't just read the latest computer security news - watch it in 90 seconds!

Looking back over last month: Apple does anti-virus, RSA replaces tokens, Facebook stays opt-out, Macbook Peeping Tom caught, Scareware gang busted, DDoSer sentenced.

Mac malware, Sony, LulzSec, Facebook facial recognition, Lockheed/RSA - 90 Sec News - May 2011

Mac malware, Sony, Lulzsec, Facebook facial recognition, Lockheed/RSA - 90 Sec News - May 2011

Don't just read the latest computer security news - watch it in 90 seconds!

This month: Mac malware makes itself known, Sony woes continue, Lulzsec hacks, Facebook gets creepier, and Lockheed faces a challenge.