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Facebook Messenger to let you send money to friends

Facebook Messenger to let you send money to friends

Starting in the US, users of Messenger will soon be able to link their debit cards to the service and use it to instantly message money to friends, as easily as sending over a selfie.

Privacy's gone when posting child abuse images to a P2P network, US judge rules

Privacy's gone when posting child abuse images to a P2P network, US judge rules

A US court has turned the tables on child predators who use technology to share images of the abuse, ruling that investigators' use of an automated search tool to ferret out known child porn images was not a violation of the defendants' Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search.

Cyberextortion by US gov, or simple P2P security lapse by medical firm?


Company X leaks data. Company Y finds data. Y shills for security work. X refuses. Y tells the FTC. FTC asks X to explain. X says Y is unobjective. FTC asks X to explain, no ifs and buts. X writes a book about it.

Paul Ducklin takes a look at the saga...

Leak of kids' social services info earns Aberdeen City Council £100k fine


Aberdeen City Council has been hit with a £100,000 fine after an employee took sensitive files home and accidentally uploaded them to a public website.

The data included information on vulnerable children and details of alleged crimes.

Illegal music file sharing drops significantly since 2011


The number of people using peer-to-peer (P2P) services to download music fell by 17% last year, compared to 2011, according to a report released yesterday.

Honeypot reveals mass surveillance of BitTorrent downloaders

Silk Road reboots: for real, or just a honeypot?

Within 3 hours of downloading, the copyright enforcers likely have your IP address, according to researchers who put a fake pirate server online and then sat back to see who came sniffing around.

Online Piracy: Challenging the 'three strikes' approach

Online Piracy: Challenging the 'three strikes' approach

The 'graduated response' or 'three strikes' legal approach to stopping copyright infringement has become popular in many countries around the world. However, with doubts raised this week about the longstanding French Hadopi system, are there lessons for the UK approach?

Major shift in strategy for ZeroAccess rootkit malware, as it shifts to user-mode

Major shift in strategy for ZeroAccess rootkit malware, as it shifts to user-mode

The ZeroAccess rootkit, which hijacks PCs and recruits them into a botnet, has undergone a significant revision - SophosLabs researcher James Wyke reveals.

Pirate Bay blocked! 93% oppose court order on UK ISPs, poll reveals


The British Court has ruled that UK ISPs must block access to the popular file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay. A move that will no doubt prove unpopular with its three million UK users.

Pirate Bay faces UK web block

Pirate Bay faces UK web block

The High Court in London has paved the way for what could become a nationwide ban on accessing the notorious Pirate Bay file-sharing website.

Serial virus writer jailed for orange cartoon octopus malware

Serial virus writer jailed for orange cartoon octopus malware

A Japanese man is sent to prison after spreading a virus across the internet via file-sharing networks and damaged data on victims' computers.

Sophos Security Chet Chats 27 & 28 and Sept 90 Second News

Sophos Security Chet Chats 27 & 28 and Sept 90 Second News

The 20th Virus Bulletin conference is over and now we can return to our daily lives and continue protecting you from cybercrime. The conference was great fun, but with all the work (and a good deal of socializing) I fell Read more…

Japanese virus writer arrested.. again

Japanese virus writer arrested.. again

According to media reports, a previously convicted Japanese virus writer has been arrested over allegations that he has again distributed a virus. The 27-year-old is accused of writing malware known locally as "ika-tako" (squid-octopus) which was spread via the Winny Read more…

'Peeping Tom' arrested for webcam blackmail attack spree

'Peeping Tom' arrested for webcam blackmail attack spree

FBI agents have arrested a man accused of hacking into more than 100 computers, and using personal information stolen from them to extort sexually explicit videos of young women and teenage girls. 31-year-old Luis Mijangos, of Santa Ana, California, was Read more…

Japanese duo arrested over Hentai extortion virus

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According to media reports, two men have been arrested in Japan in connection with computer malware which stole personal information and posted it on the internet. The men are said to have not only created the malware, but also been Read more…

FTC notifies almost 100 organisations of P2P data leaks

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The Federal Trade Commission has notified close to 100 US organisations of serious P2P-related security breaches that have exposed consumers to the risk of identity theft and fraud. The use of P2P file-sharing networks to download music and movies opens Read more…

How to choose a strong password


Password security is in the news again, as it is revealed that hackers had managed to break into the accounts of many Twitter users. Many of the affected Twitter users had previously registered on P2P file-sharing sites - and hackers Read more…

Sophos Security Threat Report 2010

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SophosLabs today published its latest Security Threat Report, exploring the last 12 months of attacks against computers and what the future might hold for threats. Inside you'll find a wide variety of threats discussed including: Social networking threats Data loss Read more…

Congress looks to ban P2P file-sharing, will companies follow suit?

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In the United States Congress yesterday, Representative Edolphus Towns of New York introduced a bill (HR 4098) to ban P2P file-sharing on US government, and government contractor computers. This bill was likely prompted by the reckless loss of sensitive government Read more…

Microsoft's COFEE forensic tool leaks onto the web

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According to media reports, a tool developed by Microsoft to assist in computer crime investigations has leaked onto the web. COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) is a system designed to collect digital evidence from suspect's computers while they are Read more…