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Parliamentary insiders clean up MPs' Wikipedia pages

Parliament sockpuppets sanitise MPs' Wikipedia pages

Gone are the sex scandals, excessive use of chauffeur driven cars, and lavish expenses used to spiff up MPs' homes.

Politicians' iPad prank sets poor standards for electorate

Parliamentarians in schoolboy prank set poor standards for electorate

MPs in the New South Wales Parliament couldn't resist perpetrating an online prank on one of their number earlier this week.

But Tweeting from a colleague's iPad whilst he's addressing the House doesn't set very good standards for the electorate...

Vikileaks Twitter campaign falls over, but Vic Toews still standing


While the fury over Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews' really, really poor choice of words continues to snowball, Vikileaks Twitter campaign was shut down last night.

Canadian politician accuses bill opposition of siding with child porn peddlars

canadian flag

Canadian politician causes stir, saying anyone who objects to the "Protecting Children from Online Predators Act" sides with child pornographers. Do statements like this serve anything more than muddying the waters?

MPs warn of rise of identity-stealing bank-robbing malware


Identity-stealing bank-robbing malware is a growing threat to Britain.

That's the conclusion of the UK Parliament's Science and Technology Select Committee who have published a report calling on the Government to launch a "prolonged awareness raising campaign to increase public understanding of personal online security."

Canada mulls warrantless internet info-gathering powers for police


A bill before the Canadian parliament includes two clauses specifically to reduce the 'due process' imposed when the cops need information from ISPs.

It's obvious how this would help law enforcement. But it might help the cybercrooks, too.

The EU parliament computer network is under attack

ACTA wars: two_stickmen_fighting

The European Parliament's computer network is under attack, and reports suggest it is similar to the cyber attack the EU Commission faced last week. An EU parliamentary spokesperson confirmed that the attack was still underway as of this morning.