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A sneak peek into fake anti-virus affiliate support

A sneak peak into fake anti-virus affiliate support

Even fake anti-virus distributors need tech support as is shown in this frequently asked questions document captured from a Russian affiliate network. According to these criminals, social engineering is your best bet for selling fake software.

Traffbiz: A new malicious twist on affiliate partnerka schemes?

pay per click

Russian web users at risk as Traffbiz spreads affilate web-based malware attacks.

Daily Telegraph website hit by Canadian Pharmacy spammers

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Spammers have created their own blogs on the website of one of the UK's leading newspapers, and stuffed them with adverts to purchase drugs from Canadian Pharmacy stores. A post by blogger Paul Carpenter, an SEO consultant, brought my attention Read more…

Canadian Pharmacy spammers set up shop on Twitter

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At the beginning of this month I received an email telling me about someone new who had started following me on Twitter. Their name was @canadianshop, and it was immediately apparent that they were promoting a Canadian online pharmacy via Read more…

Bogus FDA agents scam online drug purchasers

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If purchasing medications from dodgy online pharmacies wasn't already dangerous enough, criminals are now using new methods to extort money from the unwary, according to a warning issued by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Over the holiday period, the Read more…

Don't buy drugs online, don't put your health at risk

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I posted earlier today about the millions of dollars that hackers are making promoting pharmaceutical websites. Aside from the risk that, if you buy medication from a fake pharmaceutical website, you are handing them your credit card information - you Read more…

Swine flu fears making millionaires out of Russian hackers

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As the number of reported swine flu cases climbs, it's time a strong message was sent out against buying Tamiflu over the internet. Research published by Sophos exposes the profit model of the Russian cybercriminals making millions of pounds from Read more…

Partnerka Affiliates Update Their Spam

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Over the past few weeks, we've been seeing some interesting trends in certain types of spam -- interestingly, the trends were brought to our attention by the spammers themselves. Normally, Fridays are pretty quiet days in the labs; Russian spammers Read more…

How to make money online!

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I'm currently at the Virus Bulletin Conference in Geneva. I've just come from a talk given by my friend and colleague Dmitry Samosseiko from Sophos Canada, who presented a paper entitled The Partnerka -- what is it, and why should Read more…

Earn 43 cents every time you infect a Mac

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One of the most interesting talks I've attended so far during this year's Virus Bulletin conference was the one by Dmitry Samosseiko about the Russian "Partnerka". The Partnerka is the complex network of affiliates who profit from spam and malware. Read more…