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5 online privacy and security tips for travelers

Going on holiday or traveling for business any time soon?

Here are 5 online privacy and security tips for when you're on the road.

3 more essential security tasks you can do for your family today


Fetch your cape, family tech support hero, you've got work to do!

Update it, lock it, encrypt it, and keep your nearest and dearest cybersecure.

Patching XP, Flappy Bird malware, Tesco passwords leaked - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Did you really think XP would go patch-free? Is Flappy Bird really dead? Did you really use the same password on more than one site?

60 Sec Security - 15 Feb 2014

Comcast servers compromised by same attackers as Bell Canada


After exposing usernames and passwords from Bell Canada, hacking group NullCrew claims to have compromised email servers at ISP Comcast.

How to protect your critical infrastructure

How to protect your critical infrastructure

It’s easy to overlook the security of critical IT infrastructure - the low level things that you rely on and that "just work", that nobody wants to touch and that probably haven't been patched for years. Here are some things to consider when keeping your critical infrastructure secure.

SSCC 110 - Skype "surveillance," piracy, small biz and cybersecurity awareness [PODCAST]


For your two-weekly listening pleasure, here's the latest episode of the Chet Chat.

Chet and Duck are back, and once again in fine form...

Patching your business, Yahoo breach, Google Glass, DDoS-for-hire - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Our 60 Second Security videos are back!

We're aiming for a weekly roundup that's quick, fun and useful.

But there is a serious side: security anecdotes to use in your own "elevator advocacy."

SSCC 103 - Mandiant report, iOS coders owned, Twitter accounts hacked, and more...


Have your joined thousands of others, and become a loyal listener to the "Chet Chat" yet?

Here's the latest Naked Security podcast, Sophos Security Chet Chat 103, discussing a range of recent and newsworthy topics from the world of computer security.

Apple (again) washes its hands of the Java mess

Apple (again) washes its hands of the Java mess

Apple's thrown in the towel on the Java mess and has, for the second time in two weeks, blocked all versions of Java on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and later.

Oracle, please stop sneakily foisting third-party toolbars on us with your Java updates

Oracle, please stop sneakily foisting third-party toolbars on us with your Java updates

If you're installing a critical security update on your computer, caused by the software vendor's sloppy code quality, you probably wouldn't dream that your software vendor is trying to make some money out of the inconvenience.

New security hole found in multiple Java versions

New security hole found in multiple Java versions

The same team of Polish researchers who discovered a critical security hole in Oracle’s Java software say that they uncovered another such hole, which could be used to bypass the secure application “sandbox” on most recent versions of Java.

The top four reasons users don't upgrade their software (but probably ought to)

The top four reasons users don't upgrade their software (but probably ought to)

Bet you didn't you know that it's ITUW!

That's right. It's International Technology Upgrade Week.

Don't worry - I didn't know, either. Find out more...

SSCC 95 - Oracle patches, lost USB sticks, App Store shenanigans and WiFi heists

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Chet and Duck take on the week's news once again in their inimitable and informative style.

You'll be glad to hear that there are several "good news" stories this week - data that didn't leak, malware that didn't infect, and cybercriminals who didn't get away with it!

Sophos Techknow - Patching: should you lead, follow, or get out of the way?


Do you really need seven committee meetings and a 90-day waiting period before you update your computers with the latest patches?

Duck and Chet take on the challenges of security patches in this episode of the Techknow podcast.

Identify your missing security patches this Christmas


New vulnerabilities are being discovered all the time, and attackers are still exploiting old ones. But how do you deal with the vulnerabilities? Patch them of course.

The Conficker worm, three years and counting


This week marks the third anniversary of Conficker's assault on our PCs. Where do we stand after doing 36 months of battle with this worm?

Unpatched WordPress installations rife with malware targeted by DDoS attack

The latest WordPress release is requiring users to update their PHP and MySQL installations to newer releases. Are WordPress users doing enough to protect their blogs? Does it make a difference if you patch?

Patch Tuesday squared - Do it now

Image (2) msoct09deployment.png for post 2902

As promised this summer, Adobe has synchronized with Microsoft and released their updates on the same day, the second Tuesday of the month... albeit a month late from the original promise. As usual those of us in the security business Read more…

Microsoft Vs. Adobe security smack-down

Image (1) adobe250.png for post 2842

I have heard a lot of rumbling as to whether Adobe is now a worse threat to desktop security than Microsoft. Seeing the huge quantity of patches in 2009 issued by both software giants, I have to say it's not Read more…