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Google opens a pharmacy? It's spam of the day

Google opens a pharmacy? It's spam of the day

Is Google really extending its online empire, and opening an online pharmacy?

Of course not. Don't click on the links, don't buy the goods, don't put your identity and health in danger.

The first big Google+ spam campaign blasted out by pill-pushers

The first big Google+ spam campaign sent out by pill-pushers

It may be the first major cybercriminal campaign exploiting the Google+ brand - spammers send out bogus Google+ invitations that in reality point to online pharmacies.

Fake iTunes receipt spam

Fake iTunes spam

A rather poorly crafted email campaign is making the rounds today. People around the world are receiving messages that appear to be iTunes receipts from Apple. On closer inspection however there are several oddities. The message arrives as an iTunes Read more…

Dr Who and the Viagra Spammers of Doom

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I haven't exactly kept it a secret on this blog that I'm a huge fan of the British TV series "Doctor Who". There have been numerous gratuitous references to the show that I have loved since I was about three Read more…

Bogus FDA agents scam online drug purchasers

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If purchasing medications from dodgy online pharmacies wasn't already dangerous enough, criminals are now using new methods to extort money from the unwary, according to a warning issued by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Over the holiday period, the Read more…

Spammers spread Viagra adverts as iTunes invoice

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Apple's iTunes is the world's most popular online music store, with millions of users downloading the latest songs every day to their MP3 players. It's sadly not a surprise then to find that spammers are adopting the disguise of an Read more…