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SSCC 190 - The CeBIT 2015 edition [PODCAST]


Recorded right on the Sophos booth at the CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany.

Here's the Fifth Anniversary edition of our weekly podcast...enjoy!

"Black Box" brouhaha breaks out over brute forcing of iPhone PIN lock

A brouhaha has broken out about a "Black Box" that can brute force your iPhone PIN by trying every possible combination, from 00..00 to 99..99.

Apparently, it can even circumvent the "10 mistakes and you're finished" test. Sort of...

My password, sorry, it's completely slipped my mind - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly "60 Second Security" video.

It'll only take a minute...

Using WPS on your Wi-Fi router may be even more dangerous than you think


In 2011, a researcher found that WPS was 10,000 times easier to crack than it was supposed to be.

Now, another researcher has found that cracking it may be 10,000 times easier again...

Are your veins going to replace your PIN at the ATM?

Are your veins going to replace your PIN at the ATM?

Hitachi are rolling out around 2,000 new cash machines in Poland that take a new approach to biometrics. The infrared scanner on one of these new ATMs will literally get under your skin as it scans the veins inside your finger. A similar technology has also been devised for shops in America by Fujitsu.

Smartphone PINs skimmed with microphone and camera

Smartphone PINs cracked with microphone and camera - a game-changer for phone security?

A new program, dubbed PIN Skimmer by its University of Cambridge creators, can correctly guess a high proportion of PINs by utilising the device's camera and microphone.

Ducati Diavel - power, speed, looks, and a vulnerability lesson for Friday afternoon


Naked Security reader Sean, who has an eye for wacky security holes, recently pointed me at the Ducati Diavel motorcycle Default Ignition Password vulnerability.

But is it true? Can you really walk up to Ducati's latest musclebike and simply ride away?

The top 10 passcodes you should never use on your iPhone

The top 10 passcodes you should never use on your iPhone

Are you one of the many people who is using a dangerously easy-to-guess passcode on your iPhone?

Maybe you should do something about it - sooner rather than later.

Keep an eye on your iPhone

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Astute Sophos followers will remember that last year I hijacked the SophosLabs blog to bring news of the Apple WWDC 2008. Well this year, sat in the Moscone West digesting the content of Phil Schiller's keynote presentation and updating my Read more…

More details on the Diebold ATM Trojan horse case

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Yesterday, Vanja Svajcer of SophosLabs described how he had discovered malware which appeared to be designed to steal information from users of Diebold ATM cash machines. I also published some discussion here on the Clu-blog about how the Trojan horses Read more…

Is there malware lurking in your ATM?

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Sophos Principal Virus Research Vanja Svacjer has posted a fascinating blog today about his discovery of malware which appears to target Diebold cash machines. You can read the full details in Vanja's blog post, but I thought it might be Read more…

Your PIN or your life!

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Life has become more dangerous for ATM card holders in the UK. As muggers require the Personal Identification Number (PIN) of a stolen card to make withdrawals, they are tempted to resort to violence against the card owners to get Read more…