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Police-taunting Facebook selfie poster jailed

Aaron Bee

Aaron Bee started posting the nyah-nyah images on Facebook after police put out an appeal asking for his whereabouts. Cue lots of pictures of Bee gesturing at police, their cars and a police station and a misspelled hashtag of #theystillcarntcatchme.

Police use lost phone to post selfies on woman's Facebook account

Police use lost phone to post selfies on woman's Facebook account

We charge this phone and Facebook account with flagrant lack of passcode and privacy protection!

NYPD cop arrested for hacking into FBI, traffic databases

NYPD. Image courtesy of pisaphotography/Shutterstock.

The NYPD cop installed a hidden camera and hacked into databases containing personal information about victims of traffic accidents so he could pose, among other things, as an attorney who could help them with legal claims.

Are Miami cops really flooding Waze with fake police sightings?


An NBC affiliate seems to think so, but others are dubious. Miami's finest would have to be lacking in tech smarts to think they could game the Google app.

Cop who stole nude photos from arrested women's seized phones escapes jail time

CHP car. Image courtesy of Ken Wolter/Shutterstock.

Sean Harrington pleaded no contest to felony charges related to secretly forwarding suspects' photos to his and other officers' phones.

Google asked to muzzle Waze 'police-stalking' app

Police alert on Waze

US police are typically the ones to surveil, not the other way around, as Google's crowd-sourced, police-mapping traffic app is doing. Now sheriffs are asking Google to pull the plug on it.

Cops arrest another man after Christmas PlayStation/Xbox DDoS

Arrest. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Police have arrested a second man in connection with the Lizard Squad's Grinch-like Christmas attack on gamers.

Have the cops busted one of the Lizard Squad?


The "Lizard Squad" took out Microsoft's and Sony's games networks on Christmas Day.

Everyone involved knew in advance that law enforcement would be *very* interested in whodunnit...

YouTube channel swamps police with requests for disclosure of body-cam video

YouTube. Image courtesy of 360b/Shutterstock

A YouTube channel has been surfacing police body-cam footage. It now has some 75 videos up, showing, among other things, men with knives, break-ins, car accidents, drug smoking, and an emergency phone call about a woman going into labor. Subjects' privacy, it seems, is getting trampled in the stampede to get at such video.

Dubai police add facial recognition to Google Glass

Dubai police add facial recognition to Google Glass

A spokesman confirmed a report that Dubai police have developed software that will connect a Glass wearer to a database of wanted people.

Is it 1984 yet?

"You're under arrest for possession of an insecure phone" - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's this week's 60 Second Security video.

News you can use in a format you can enjoy...all in 60 seconds!

San Jose Police seek private residents' security camera footage for database

San Jose Police seek private residents' security camera footage for database

San Jose residents are voluntarily signing up to make it easy for Police to use their security camera footage. Is it a sensible and well managed use of available technology or, as the EFF claims, is it police overreach?

US local police department pays CryptoLocker ransom

Police advice if you are hit by CryptoLocker is to take it on the chin, and not to pay up.

That's a pretty hard demand to make of anyone, and all but impossible to insist on for everybody, but you would at least expect the police themselves to follow it...

San Diego quietly slips facial recognition into the hands of law enforcers

San Diego quietly slips facial recognition into the hands of law enforcers

Police and other authorities are using smartphones and tablets to snap photos in the field, without warrants or asking for subjects' permission to run their images against criminal databases. The program was rolled out without public hearings or notice, and could represent the beginning of a national rollout.

Is that a GUN, or are you just upgrading the printer? - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Is that a gun, or are you just upgrading the printer? What if your iPhone has a bug in the lock that locks the lock screen? Will Chrome's continuing support for XP make us safer, or merely lazier?

It'll only take 60 seconds to find out the answers!

Police discover 3D printer parts, suspect gun making factory

The Liberator

UK police thought they'd uncovered the 3D printing of gun parts - what they actually found were parts for printers. Embarrassing as this might be, their sensitivity is perhaps understandable - with 3D printers on sale for around £1,000 it could prove to be a stealthy and affordable means for criminals to acquire lethal weapons.

US cities increasingly ignoring privacy, gobbling up data on residents

US cities increasingly ignoring privacy, gobbling up data on residents

Federal money earmarked to thwart terrorist attacks in the US is instead getting funneled into increasingly pervasive surveillance of individuals, largely without thought for privacy or data retention guidelines.

Anonymous hacker @ItsKahuna sentenced to 3 years for hacking police sites


John Anthony Borell III, aka "@ItsKahuna", admitted to attacking a slew of police sites in an operation that included exposing the personal details of thousands.

Only 36% of small firms apply security patches. No wonder cybercrooks are stealing their cash

Foot and mompop shops

Small businesses are under constant attack from malware, scams and online fraud. They are simply woefully under-prepared to keep their assets safe. Despite reorganisation and redirected priorities, the police can still do little to help. Here are some general tips from the FSB to help firms better protect themselves.

"Julian Assange of Wikileaks arrested in London" hoax

WikiLeak's Assange unlikely to face charges

Controversial Wikileaks pinup Julian Assange has been arrested after slipping out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London to seek medical treatment at a nearby clinic.

Or has he?