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To encrypt or not to encrypt?


There are lots of different viewpoints about whether to encrypt or not.

Paul Ducklin helps you decide what to do...

Google tightens up Play Store policy, officially bans "off-market" updates...

Google has made a number of changes to its Android Play Store ecosystem recently.

There's now a rudimentary anti-virus provided with the OS, a ban on ad blockers, and, most recently, an official policy on sneaky "off-market" updates...

FLAMING RETORT: Eleven UK government employees sacked over social media use at work!

The UK's Guardian newspaper laid into the Department for Work and Pensions yesterday with a story entitled "Eleven work and pensions civil servants sacked for using Twitter or Facebook".

Where does your organisation sit on the social media fence?

What is worse on Android? Malware or PUAs?


Although the number of discovered malicious apps for Android is growing at an exponential rate, the actual reports from customer devices show that potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) are also causing problems.

View from the IT desk: Securing social networking in the workplace

View from the IT desk: Securing social networking in the workplace

In this age of "instant information" is it shortsighted to block social networking sites within an organisation purely because of stories in the press relating to scams, misuse and threats?

Practical IT: Passwords 101 for businesses

Practical IT: Assuring strong enterprise password security

We all know good passwords are key to protecting against attack. So here's how to do it and not lose friends and alienate people.

How to teach tomorrow's doctors about social media privacy

Teaching the next generation of doctors about digital privacy can’t just be about punishment

Social media and health care privacy may not mix well, but telling the trainees who have grown up with social media to simply "abstain – or else!" doesn't help students structure their behaviours in the digital age.

LinkedIn responds quickly to complaints about 'social ads'


Yesterday, we invited our readers to complain to LinkedIn about its new opt-out 'social ads' feature.

LinkedIn has already responded publicly, which is a great result - for you and for LinkedIn.

Australian airport security – does it break your IT department's policy?

Image (1) canberra-airport.jpg for post 1564

Australian airport security generally requires that you take your laptop out of your bag and submit it separately for scanning. But anyone passing through the checkpoint can pick up another person's belongings, whether by accident or design. And non-travellers can Read more…