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Which web browser do you trust? [Poll]


We no longer choose our web browsers based on bells and whistles. These days its all about privacy and security and we'd like to know which browser (and which vendor) you trust to be your companion on the web.

Did computer security get better or worse in 2014? Have your say...

Better or Worse

Tell us what you think - did computer security get better or worse in the last year? Our regular contributors have pitched to offer some food for thought, but we'd also like to know your take on 2014.

The social media network that's worst for bullying is...

Which Social Media Network is worst for bullying

We asked you which social network was the worst for bullying and you answered with gusto. But not as much gusto as 4Chan's /pol/ board. They got really, really, really excited about it.

SSCC 171 - Are you SURE that "1234" is a bad password? [PODCAST]

Here's the latest Chet Chat podcast for your listening pleasure...


How far would your sysadmins go to fix a problem? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here it is - this week's 60 Second Security video.

News that will amuse, and it only takes a minute...

The EPIC edition - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

One less opt-in app, one more Android virus, and a bunch of EPIC failures...

All in this week's 60 Second Security.

How anyone can hack your Instagram account


Should you write instructions that tell everyone how to hack Instagram accounts, including advice like "wait for someone to use the Instagram iOS app"?

This security researcher did, after he was denied a bug bounty for reporting the problem...

What's the worst thing you can say to a sysadmin? [POLL]

Talking to the sysadmin

"Hey, I know you're at your wedding. But I just gave my Social Security Number to someone from Iran."

It's all about trust! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Watch 60 Second Security for 19 July 2014 - it's all about trust!

Which web browser do you trust the most? [POLL]

Browser Trust Poll

The web browser could be considered the most important piece of software we use on a daily basis, which is why a relationship of trust comes into play - we rely on our browser to secure our communications, data and privacy.

So, take our poll, and tell us which browser you trust the most ...

Is TrueCrypt pining for the fjords?


An attempt at keeping the TrueCrypt dream alive has been kicked off, hosted in Switzerland. Will it make a difference? Sophos conducted a poll to see what IT managers think about TrueCrypt after all the news and speculation.

And the results of our "How trustworthy is Facebook" poll are...


As we reported recently, Facebook wants to know how trustworthy its users find it, but it's not sharing the results. So we ran our own poll of how many people trust Facebook and hereby present the results. (NB: We categorically define "people" as meaning "our readers".)

Firefox burns Chrome in our trustworthy browser poll

Chrome burns

About a month ago I asked Naked Security readers: Which web browser do you trust? Your answer was emphatic: it's Firefox, and it accrued almost twice the number of votes of its nearest rival, Google Chrome.

Which web browser do you trust? [Poll]


We no longer choose our web browsers based on bells and whistles. These days its all about privacy and security and we'd like to know which browser (and which vendor) you trust to be your companion on the web.

Worst things to say to a sysadmin [POLL]

Facepalm. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Take part in our light hearted poll of things you should avoid saying to sysadmins on any day of the year, not just System Administrator Appreciation Day.

The 'What's Worse Security Championships finals' - Vote now

Worse image

To honour the March Madness sporting finals, we adapted the concept and launched our very own What's Worse Security Championships. Join the thousands of others and place your vote now in the finals.

The 'What's Worse Security Championships'

Worse image

With March Madness Basketball in full swing in America, we thought it might be fun to try and adapt the concept of sport championships to the land of IT security.

Who reads Naked Security? The results are in....


A few weeks ago, we asked you, our readers, a little bit more about you. Here are the results of that anonymous poll.

Who reads Naked Security?


The other day, someone asked me: so who exactly reads Naked Security? And how do you know you are giving them what they want?

Monday review: the hot 20 stories of the week

Monday review: the hot 26 stories of last week

In case you missed any of these stories, here's everything we wrote in the last seven days.