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Trump Hotel chain investigates potential payment card breach

Trump Hotel Properties investigates breach claims

Credit card hackers are said to have targeted a number of hotels, possibly as far back as February 2015.

Retailers are "overconfident" about their security, majority have fundamental gaps

Checkout. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Happy holidays! Lots of us are shopping away, but a new report finds that retailers aren't doing enough to keep impish cyber crooks out of our business.

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Point-of-Sale vendor loses password, causes breaches at 324 US restaurants

In its own words, a US point-of-sale vendor "acts to Block Payment Card Security Incident."

Bit late for the 324 restaurants that were breached for between 3 days and 3 months in the incident...

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Home Depot says, "Er, yes, we did have a breach actually"‏

Home Depot

Just how big and bad it will turn out to be is still unknown...all we know so far is that Home Depot has officially confirmed that, yes, there was indeed a breach.

SSCC161 - What do you mean, "Trade him for Edward Snowden"? [PODCAST]

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Sophos experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin once again turn plain old news into advice you can use.

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Malware, spam and hacking - and not all bad news, either!

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Bad passwords on PoS terminals lead to card stealing Backoff malware


This time the crooks are distributing their point-of-sale malware through remote control applications like Microsoft's RDP. No exploits, no social engineering, just good, old-fashioned password guessing.

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Remote access breach via POS system sparks yet more consumer data leak fears

Remote access breach via POS system sparks yet more consumer data leak fears

A US supplier of point-of-sale (POS) equipment has informed its clients of a security breach in the remote access system it uses to log into clients' networks, meaning hackers could have used the system to steal payment data.

Carwash POS systems hacked, credit card data drained

Carwash POS systems hacked, credit card data drained

Police in the US state of Massachusetts have busted what they say is a gang of thieves who were buying stolen credit cards and using them to buy gift cards that were then sometimes exhausted of their balance, washed clean of data and reloaded with more stolen credit card data.

Data-drained Target hurries to adopt chip-and-PIN cards

Data-drained Target hurries to adopt chip-and-PIN cards

The US has been dragging its heels on the expensive, laborious task of swapping its payment infrastructure for the more secure chip-and-PIN security used abroad. Still smarting from recent data theft, Target's now apparently leading the way, promising the new cards in 2015.

Target missed multiple warnings that credit card data breach was underway

Target logo

Target's sophisticated security system went on full alert after detecting malware on the company’s network on 30 November last year and could have prevented the theft of 40 million credit and debit card numbers a few days later, according to a new report.

Target told to carry out security review just months before breach

Target was warned of payment system vulnerabilities before data breach

Former employees and others familiar with the breach investigation said at least one analyst recommended a thorough security review prior to Target's upgrading its payment system. Did the review actually happen, or was it lost in the cacophony of warnings security teams and government agencies constantly put forth?

Credit and debit card fraud targets US hotel guests

PoS breaches target US hotel guests

White Lodging runs businesses such as gift shops and restaurants within big US hotel brands. Guests at one of those hotel brands, Marriott, are advised to check their card statements following the discovery of a 9-month-long card suctioning operation.

Craft store Michaels faces second credit card compromise in 3 years


The largest craft supply store in North America, Michaels, has indicated it may be the latest retail company to have credit cards compromised in a large scale malware attack.

Europol and Canadian cops round up POS terminal tampering gang

Europol and Canadian cops round up POS terminal tampering gang

Pan-European law enforcement agency Europol has announced the take-down of a global gang of cybercrooks thought to be responsible for compromising POS terminals in Europe and North America, netting 30,000 sets of card details.

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Why did Brazilian hackers target NASA? What happens to doxers? How much does it cost to get started in card skimming? And how much is a copy of your fingerprint worth?

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