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How not to measure PC security tools

How not to measure PC security tools

There's an interesting article by Mark Ward on the BBC News website today, where security firm Prevx (you'll remember them from their part in the BBC Click botnet fiasco) proposes a new way of measuring the effectiveness of anti-virus software. Read more…

Download your very own Black Screen of Death

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There has been a right royal ruckus over the so-called Black Screen of Death in the last few days. Security firm Prevx kicked things off by warning that "millions" of Windows users could find themselves in front of a black Read more…

BBC film of remote Trojan horse attack


A couple of months ago, the BBC broadcast a film that many people believe showed them breaking the law, by accessing the computers of unsuspecting members of the public without their permission in order to demonstrate how easy it was Read more…

Did BBC break the law by using a botnet to send spam?

Did BBC break the law by using a botnet to send spam?

The Computer Misuse Act makes it an offence in the United Kingdom to access another person's computer, or alter data on their computer, without the owner's permission. The legislation has been used on a number of occasions to bring British Read more…