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Is Facebook building a "Moments" app for ultra-private sharing?

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The company's reportedly putting the finishing touches on a separate app for composing intimate updates, designed to be an entirely different experience than what we have now: the kludgy toggling of the sharing settings on one composer interface in order to create both intimate content and blasted-out-to-the-universe Newsfeed updates.

Facebook privacy control overhaul will remove ability to limit who can find us

Facebook Timeline privacy tool bites the dust

Facebook's most recent round of changes carry some good privacy tidings, including Privacy shortcuts from the main page drop-down menu, plus a new Request Removal tool for getting untagged (and telling the tagger why) in multiple photos.

But it's also a story of missed opportunities and privacy features being taken away.

13 million US Facebook users not using, or oblivious to, privacy controls


We already knew that people weren't doing enough to protect their privacy on Facebook, but a new report has looked into this in more details, and the numbers make for alarming reading.

Facebook revamps privacy settings - but misses opportunity to do so much more

Facebook revamps privacy settings

Facebook has announced that it is rolling out what appears to be a major change to its privacy settings.

But at the same time, it has missed a massive opportunity to lead the way on privacy.