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Privacy outcry over proposal to reveal website owners' identities

Privacy outcry over proposal to reveal website owners' identities

An ICANN proposal would strip the rights of commercial site owners to use proxy services to shield their identities: a move the EFF says comes from copyright-hungry entertainment companies.

Serious Security: China Internet Network Information Center in TLS certificate blunder

TLS certificates are very important.

In fact, you could say they are the cornerstone of online security, especially for e-commerce.

So we thought we'd use a story about a recent certificate security blunder to remind you why...

Sophos Techknow - Firewalls Demystified [PODCAST]


The word firewall has a lot more shades of meaning in 2014 than it did in 1994.

So...who better to help us to demystify the modern firewall than Sophos security expert Chester Wisniewski?

Firefox update 18 gets an update, but no security problems this time

Firefox's version 18 gets an update to 18.0.1.

The new point release mops up three bugs, all of them no doubt annoying to those affected, but none of them security related.

Spying Trojan targets Iranian and Syrian web surfers, dissidents


A proxy tool used by Iranian internet users to evade censorship and oppression is being distributed with a Trojan horse that can log their keystrokes and surfing habits reporting back their activities to its author.

Notcom malware for Android distributed using drive-by downloads

Notcom malware for Android distributed using drive-by downloads

Another Android Trojan is making the rounds, this one is distributed through drive-by downloads on compromised websites. Whether it's a proxy or a bot is not really important, make sure you don't install unsolicited packages on your phone.

SSCC 74 - fighting hi-tech crime, Kelihos botnet, iCode for USA, Amazon Silk tablet, Mac malware and the BEAST

Sophos Security Chet Chat

This week, Chet and Paul Ducklin discuss the interesting and important topics of the past week: fighting hi-tech crime, tackling the Kelihos botnet, taking on zombified home users, examining the risks of Amazon's new Silk tablet, and understanding the BEAST!

Web filtering: How well are you really protected?

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Guest blogger Richard Baldry is the product manager for the Sophos Web Appliance here at Sophos Vancouver. Richard is currently raising money to fight colon cancer as part of Movember. If you like Rich's post please consider donating to Rich's Read more…

Barack's donor data may be safe, but site was not properly secured

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On Monday this week I reported on being hacked. While Blue State Digital and the Democratic Nationinal Committee may disagree, I stand by the statement. It was clear that something was incorrectly configured, whether the data that was exposed Read more…