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How the "Great SIM Heist" could have been avoided

Apparently, intelligence services managed to penetrate the network of a major SIM card manufacturer, grab loads of SIM keys, and now we're all liable to be listened in on.

But why? What is it about SIM cards that made this possible?

Anatomy of a change - Google announces it will double its SSL key sizes


Google just announced that its secure web pages will be ditching 1024-bit RSA keys in favour of 2048 bits.

We look at the lessons to be learned from whats, the whys and the wherefores of this change...

Webhosting management company cPanel suffers break-in, lets slip customers' root passwords


Webhosting management company cPanel recently announced a worrying sort of compromise: the possible theft of its customers' root passwords.

Paul Ducklin looks at what happened, and what's being done to avoid a repeat of this worrying situation...

Do programmers understand the meaning of PRIVATE?

Public-key encryption relies on a pair of cryptographic keys, one public and the other private.

You'd think that programmers would be able to tell which one to keep private and which one to make public, wouldn't you?

Researchers take another crack at SSL

Researchers take another crack at SSL

Just how unique is is your private key?

Is there a chance that someone else, without any malice aforethought, might unexpectedly end up with a key pair that is identical or at least dangerously similar to yours?