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Python-based malware attack targets Macs. Windows PCs also under fire


A new malware attack is targeting Mac computers with a Python-based backdoor Trojan.

And Windows computers aren't getting away scott free either.

Large percentage of websites vulnerable to HashDoS denial of service attack


Researchers in Germany have disclosed a vulnerability in most web programming languages that allows for a denial of service attack to be successful with very little resource and against the vast majority of websites

Free T-shirts? It's not a scam, it's #decodeme again!

Free T-shirts? It's not a scam, it's #decodeme again!

We've produced another puzzle T-shirt in our acclaimed DecoDeme range. The shirts will be available for free at next week's AusCERT 2011 conference.

But you can check out a sneak preview of the latest in geek fashion now.

OMG - is that a human liver?


As a security professional, I'm generally happy to receive spam. Not directly into my inbox, of course, but into a special folder where I can look at it later.

Here's an absolute ripper for your entertainment.