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Child abuser sextortionist hijacked victims' Facebook and email accounts


James S. Allen, sentenced to 262 months in prison, sent victims to a phishing site set disguised as a Flickr log-in site.

Dating site buys back 20 million hacked email addresses

Rose. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Despite the hacker putting the email addresses up for sale, the undisclosed sum is apparently not ransom, it's an "award", says hacked site Topface.

Domino's Pizza hacked, customer database held to ransom

Domino's Pizza database stolen, passwords and toppings held for ransom

Hacker group, Rex Mundi, who claim to have cracked a Domino's Pizza database say they have stolen the details of more than 650,000 dough-loving customers. It says the data will be released later today if the pizza chain fails to pay a ransom of €30,000.

Final countdown, CryptoLocker payout and Full Disk Encryption - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


XP is counting down - are you ready? Would you pay the CryptoLocker crooks? And should you use Full Disk Encryption?

Find out in just a minute...watch 60 Sec Security for 08 March 2014!

Destructive malware "CryptoLocker" on the loose - here's what to do

There's a destructive malware threat on the loose that calls itself "CryptoLocker."

It's what's known as ransomware, because that's what it does: holds your files to ransom.

Paul Ducklin tells you what you need to know...

Cyber attackers seize, encrypt and ransom medical centre's patient database

Cyber attackers seize, encrypt and ransom medical centre's patient database

The data-kidnappers are demanding $4,000 to release thousands of patient records belonging to the Miami Family Medical Centre on Australia's Gold Coast.

Reveton/FBI ransomware - exposed, explained and eliminated [VIDEO]

Reveton ransomware - exposed, explained and eliminated

Many of you have been asking us about the Reveton ransomware, which claims that the FBI has fined you, and locks you out of your PC until you pay up.

Learn what it looks like, and what to do if you or one of your friends and family encounter it...