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What a lot of patches! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Watch the latest episode of our weekly fun-but-serious security news video.

It only takes a minute!

Linux Australia gets pwned, rooted, RATted and botted

Linux Australia had a bit of a nightmare Easter Weekend.

While the rest of us were loafing at the beach, the Penguinistas from Down Under were owning up to a pretty extensive cyberintrusion.

16 webcam hijacking suspects arrested in wake of bedroom-peeping

16 webcam hijacking suspects arrested in wake of bedroom-peeping

An international bust of people illegally using remote-access Trojans (RATs) to hijack people's webcams last week led to the arrest of 16 people across Europe.

Over 100 arrested in FBI Blackshades RAT raids

FBI swoop in on Blackshades RAT hackers around the world

The Blackshades Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is well known for keystroke logging and the taking over of webcams. Now, Blackshades users have been raided as part of a global operation led by the FBI and computers and hard drives have been confiscated.

Leaks in logfiles, malware on Macs and Korean credit compromise - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Leaky logic leaves logins loose in logfiles; mendacious mails menace Macs with Mavericks malware, and criminal contractor compromises Korean credit company!

60 Sec Security - 25 Jan 2014...

Digitally signed data-stealing malware targets Mac users in "undelivered courier item" attack


Our colleagues at SophosLabs pointed us at a interesting item of malware the other day, namely a data-stealing Trojan aimed at Mac users.

Paul Ducklin looks at how the attack unfolds...

Nitro malware attack targets industrial companies, relies on social engineering


A new targeted attack focused on the chemical industry has surfaced as a result of research from Symantec. Is this malware really extraordinary, or is it just more of the same?

Malware, HBGary owned, OS X Trojan, Win 7 SP1 - 90 Sec News - Feb 2011

Malware, HBGary owned, OS X Trojan, Win 7 SP1 - 90 Sec News - Feb 2011

Don't just read the latest computer security news - watch it in 90 seconds!

This month: parcel-tracking malware goes large, HBGary Federal gets owned, OS X gets a Trojan of sorts, and Windows 7 gets SP1 at last.

DarkComet RAT author denies BlackHole Mac Trojan is his


The author of the DarkComet malware contacted us to disclaim any association with the BlackHole RAT Trojan we wrote about last week. Find out the specifics of what this means, if anything.

Mac OS X backdoor Trojan, now in beta?


A new remote access Trojan for Mac OS X surfaced in the lab showing malware authors are actively developing for Apple computers. Read on to learn its capabilities and how it works.