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Adobe, Android and CryptoLocker - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Which pets make the best/worst passwords?

How many times did Google make the same coding blunder?

Find out this and more in our one-minute wrapup of the week's security lessons!

Twitter account hack epidemic - Don't fall for "CNBC" spam!


Throughout the month of June, Twitter accounts have been getting hacked and have subsequently been sending spam that links to fake CNBC news articles. Be cautious about links in direct messages or tweets, even if they're sent from a friend's account!

What do I do if my Twitter account is hacked?


Many Naked Security readers ask for assistance when their accounts are hacked, or when their friends, family and colleagues need assistance. This article explains the steps needed to safely reacquire control of your Twitter account.

Hotmail fights back against hacked email accounts

Hotmail fights back against hacked email accounts

Hotmail introduces a feature to make it quicker and easier for control of the hacked email accounts to be returned to their rightful owners.

Password recovery for the latest iPhone worm

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As you have probably heard from my fellow bloggers at Sophos, a new iPhone worm is doing the rounds. Most reports seems to be coming from the Netherlands. I was on my way back from Manila whilst my chums were Read more…