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Loyaltybuild, Amazon, Facebook and Mavis Batey MBE - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Why shouldn't you store unencrypted credit card numbers? How can you squeeze a positive result from a password breach? What sort of pressure was on the cryptanalysts at Bletchley Park?

Find out the answers in just one minute!

Ubisoft customers told "change your passwords *now*"

Ubisoft customers told change your passwords *now*

Ubisoft is urging customers to change their passwords following a breach that exposed user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords.

50,000,000 usernames and passwords lost as LivingSocial "special offers" site hacked

LivingSocial, the online offers site owned in largish part by Amazon, has just emailed its userbase, said to be 50,000,000-strong, to fess up to a data breach.

Another day, another shed-load of password hashes in the hands of crooks....

Sophos Techknow - Busting Password Myths


Unlike the Chet Chat, where we cover a range of recent news items without much depth, in the Techknow programme we pick one topic and consider it in more detail.

So if you're one of the regular Chet Chat listeners who's been asking for this sort of podcast: here you are!

LulzSec, Anonymous and other hacks - should I change my password?

LulzSec, Anonymous and other hacks - should I change my password?

With all the data breaches in the news lately, it's hard to know whether you've been affected. Lots of people are asking, "Should I change my password?"

Helpful Sydney infosec guy Daniel Grzelak can help you answer that question.