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Target CIO Beth Jacob resigns in breach aftermath

Target CIO Beth Jacob resigns in breach aftermath

Following its recent epic breach, Target has announced that it's putting its technology through the wringer. Jacob will be the first high-level executive to leave since the incident.

Petraeus tripped up by trust in supposedly anonymous email account

David Petraeus

The US's top spy guy, who resigned abruptly on Friday, conducted a romantic affair behind the thin sheet of a pseudonymous email account. It's a good reminder to us all that email headers often spill the beans, revealing IP addresses that lead to our webmail hosts and geolocation. It's a short hop from there to our identities.

Yet another US Government cyber tsar at US-CERT resigns


Imagine being responsible for safeguarding the entirety of the United States against cyber attacks. I think we can all agree it would be pretty stressful. Perhaps it is no wonder that Randy Vickers just resigned from US-CERT, effective immediately.