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FLAMING RETORT: Eleven UK government employees sacked over social media use at work!

The UK's Guardian newspaper laid into the Department for Work and Pensions yesterday with a story entitled "Eleven work and pensions civil servants sacked for using Twitter or Facebook".

Where does your organisation sit on the social media fence?

FLAMING RETORT: Whither Anonymous, our new generation of cyberfreedom fighters?


Sophos Voice of Reason, Paul Ducklin, takes on hacktivism in another issue of Flaming Retort!

Anonymous. You either get it or you don't. You're either for it our against it. You're either a member or you're not. Which should you be?

FLAMING RETORT: Cooling the friction when Linux meets anti-virus


Welcome to the first installment of a brand new Naked Security column, Flaming Retort!

This week, Sophos Voice of Reason Paul Ducklin soothes the friction which seems to warm things up whenever Linux meets anti-virus.