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Carrier IQ clears the air on spying allegations


Carrier IQ was interviewed today by AllThingsD and explained in detail what their application for smartphones does and does not do.

Google's open source geezer gets shirty about security

Google's open source geezer gets shirty about security

Google's hackerishly hirsute Open Source Programs Manager, Chris DiBona, stormed the IT headlines this week.

He stuck his paddle into the computer security world and stirred...

BlackBerry outage, video apologies, a hoax and Ronnie Corbett

BlackBerry outage, video apologies, a hoax and Ronnie Corbett

Millions of BlackBerry owners around the world have been feeling the pain this week as messaging and email systems collapsed in a service outage.

Which is hardly the ideal time for a BlackBerry-related hoax to be spread.

More BlackBerry image problems: RIM warns of BES security vulnerabilities


RIM warns that a number of vulnerabilities have been found in its enterprise software (known as BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or BES).

If left unpatched, they could be exploited by malicious hackers.

BlackBerry blog hacked after London riots

BlackBerry blog hacked after London riots

Hackers have defaced the BlackBerry blog, angry at RIM's announcement that they would help the authorities investigate who was responsible for riots which have hit London.

SSCC 53 - RSA advice, RIM advises on JavaScript and Chrome patches Flash before Adobe

Sophos Security Chet Chat 41

This week's Chet Chat discusses the recent breach of RSA Security, advice from RIM on securing your BlackBerries post Pwn2Own and Google's speedy security updates to their Chrome web browser. Settle in for 10 minutes and keep up on the latest security news,

Boobytrapped PDFs pose threat to BlackBerry users

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Research in Motion (RIM) has warned of vulnerabilities in the way the BlackBerry Attachment Service handles Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which could allow hackers to break into corporate networks. According to a security advisory issued by the firm, hackers could Read more…

Who's next for a smartphone virus?

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Since the late 1990s some doom-mongers in the computer security industry have been predicting a tidal wave of mobile phone viruses, impacting every hoody-wearing happy-slappy ringtone-downloading ASBO-carrying teenager in the land. The reality has been rather different. Although some cellphone Read more…