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Suspected mastermind behind mass ATM heist spree finally extradited to US

ATM. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

18 months after his arrest, the Turkish national accused of masterminding a worldwide string of ATM heists netting as much as $55 million has been sent to the US to face trial.

Armed robber caught after confessing on Facebook, "ashamed" emoticon and all

Gary Pacitti_1200

Here's a candidate for the Facebook Hall of Stupid Posts fame: a robber who, though he took the time to wear a mask to cover his face, then posted a thinly veiled confession online.

Burglars notify Brooklyn police of crimes via Facebook status updates

Accused burglars' Facebook status updates very helpful to Brooklyn police 'friend'

Some people still haven't learnt that you should be careful of who you friend on Facebook, and what you post online.

Which, in some cases, is good news for the police.

How a Facebook blind date led to supermarket robbery

How a Facebook blind date led to supermarket robbery

Do you take enough care over who you make your Facebook friend?

A supermarket manager learnt a lesson the hard way, after he struck up a friendship with a woman on Facebook. Little did he know, that when she invited him to a dinner date at her apartment, something else entirely was planned.