Robert Scoble

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Facebook responds privately - Too little, too late?

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Robert Scoble has just (with permission) published a personal email dialog between himself and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg related to the privacy beating Facebook has taken in the press this month. From Scoble's GMail Zuckerberg said: Hey, We've been listening Read more…

Robert Scoble continues to have hacker problems

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A couple of weeks ago I reported how prominent blogger Robert Scoble, who runs the Scobleizer website, fell foul of cybercriminals who broke into his blog and posted links to pornographic websites. It seems that Microsoft's former technical evangelist has Read more…

Robert Scoble fails to update WordPress, gets hacked

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Prominent blogger Robert Scoble, who runs the Scobleizer website, has come a cropper after hackers were able to break into his site and post links to pornographic websites. In a posting last night on Twitter, Microsoft's former technical evangelist wrote: Read more…