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Spam of the Day - "lovely girl seeks Skype contacts for welding machine hookup"

We probably shouldn't say anything that sounds even slightly positive about any of of the zillions of messages that pour into our spam collection every hour.

But sometimes it's hard to resist thinking, "That's got to be the Spam of the Day."

BBC Sport in Rugby World Cup Twitter spam slip-up


A compromised Twitter account has resulted in the embarrassing broadcast of a spam message via the BBC's website.

Would the typical rugby fan really be interested in an Acai Berry diet?

Guest blog: Snap a Marlin!

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This week's guest blog comes from Rob Forsyth, Managing Director of Sophos in Asia Pacific, and long-time Manly Marlins mainstay. Over to you Rob... Snap a Marlin! Sophos, proud sponsors of the Manly Marlins for the last eight years, will Read more…