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Russia and China sign cyber security pact, vow not to hack each other

Russia and China promise not to hack each other

Moscow and Beijing will share manpower, technical resources and information to thwart online attacks.

White House hackers read emails from President Obama, Russia blamed

Obama. Image courtesy of Christopher Halloran/Shutterstock

In addition to acquiring the president's itinerary, hackers also managed to access some of his email correspondence when they penetrated a White House unclassified system in October, according to a news outlet.

White House hackers accessed schedule of President Obama's whereabouts

Barack Obama. Image courtesy of Everett Collection/Shutterstock

It's unclassified, but it's still highly sensitive, officials say. It's just one non-public set of data gleaned by intruders who may have slipped in via the State Department's system.

Obama signs executive order to sanction foreign hackers

Obama signs executive order to sanction foreign hackers

Obama signed a new executive order on Wednesday (1 April 2015) authorizing financial sanctions against foreign hackers, and companies that knowingly benefit from cyberattacks against US interests.

US won't release Russian MP's son being held on PoS hacking charges

US won't release Russian MP's son being held on PoS hacking charges

A US federal court has refused to release Roman Seleznev, arrested in the Maldives under suspicion of rigging retail PoS systems to rip off credit card details. Prosecutors say he was caught with over 2 million stolen cards on his laptop and that he'd been searching the US federal court electronic filing system for charges against him.

Germany considers replacing email with typewriters to evade spying

Germany to replace email with typewriters to duck US spying?

The country's pondering manual typewriters, however, unlike Russia's reported embrace of electric typewriters last year. Russia should be well aware that you can plug a keylogger into those e-typewriters, given that it pulled that stunt on IBM Selectrics back in the 70s!

CNET website and 1 million passwords compromised by Russian hacker group

CNET hacked

CNET, the popular tech news and reviews website, was compromised over the weekend by Russian hackers called "W0rm," CNET's parent company confirmed yesterday.

US arrests Russian MP's son for PoS hacking; Russia calls it kidnapping

US arrests Russian MP's son for PoS hacking; Russia calls it kidnapping

The Russian man's father conjectures that, for all he knows, this may be a ploy for the US to get bait to exchange for Snowden.

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It's weekly roundup time!

Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.

Russia's latest internet law proposal - anti-NSA, or pro-FSB?

Russian computer. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Russia's parliament, the State Duma, has heard another internet freedom bill requiring foreign web firms to host any data on Russia citizens within Russia's borders. This would mean the likes of Google and Facebook would need to set up datacenters within Russia and redesign their operations so that individual user data would only be stored inside the country.

Ransom-taking iPhone hackers busted by Russian authorities


The mystery of the ransom messages from "Oleg Pliss," and the iDevice locking attack that popped up in Australia and the US last month, appears to have been solved.

New Russian law aims to curb online anonymity and free speech


Russia just passed amendments to anti-terrorism laws, requiring popular bloggers and social media posters to register with a government agency and abide by a raft of rules covering what they say online...

Russia Today website hackers tweak headlines, replace with word "Nazi"

RT logo

The Russian news site was compromised over the weekend, replacing the words "Russian" and "Ukrainian" in some headlines with the word "Nazi".

Fear of bugging prompts iPad ban in UK Cabinet meetings

Fear of bugging prompts iPad ban in UK Cabinet meetings

Fast on the heels of reports that Russia allegedly passed out boobytrapped USB sticks at the G20 summit, iPads were plucked from users' hands at a UK Cabinet meeting out of fear that they might be bugged by foreign intelligence agencies.

Russia revs up "PRISM on steroids" to monitor all Winter Olympics communications

Russia revs up PRISM on steroids to monitor all Winter Olympics communications

According to a dossier compiled by Russian journalists, their country's powerful security service has been taking the steps to install near-ubiquitous monitoring.

Ukrainian and Russian police arrest banking Trojan masterminds


Ukrainian newspaper Kommersant reported on a joint operation by the Ukrainian and Russian federal police arresting 20 people allegedly behind the Carberp banking malware. Is this a sign that we may see more arrests by the FSB and SBU in the future?

Russian ransomware takes advantage of Windows PowerShell

Russian flag eye

What's a reasonable price to pay to get your data safely returned to you from the guys who stole it?

How about 10,000 Rubles? No?

According to the cybercriminals behind this new ransomware targeting Russians, the answer is "да".

Bank-raiding Gozi malware - three men charged in New York

The DoJ has published five "charging documents" filed in New York yesterday against three men accused of operating a bank-raiding malware enterprise.

The documents give a fascinating insight into a cybercrime operation...

Google: Government surveillance of the internet is on the rise

Google: Government surveillance of the internet is on the rise

Google has released its semi-annual Transparency Report, saying that it received more than 20,000 requests for user data in the first half of 2012 - a sign of greater government surveillance.

Counterattack! Suspected hacker caught on HIS WEBCAM, while spying on Georgia

Counterattack! Suspected hacker caught on camera, while spying on Georgia

The Georgian government's CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) claims it has linked an internet attack to Russia's security services, and even turned the tables on a hacker it believes was involved by secretly taking over his computer and taking video footage of him.