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Infected Phish targeting Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Image (1) infected-phish.jpg for post 20060

This week we've seen more phishing spam targeting the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, an institution that many scammers have aimed at in the past. The emails have a subject of "Update your Commonwealth Bank" and look like this: The text Read more…

Sality Links and shortcut exploit

Shortcut exploit: protect against it with this free tool

Shortcut exploits have made the news in malware circles this month. After Stuxnet first used them, it wasn't long before other malware started exploiting the zero-day vulnerability - Sality is among their numbers. The authors of the Sality family added Read more…

PDF spam phones home to Sality malware family

Europe leapfrogs Asia as top spam-relaying continent

Remember all those long distance phone calls we made? No, me neither - so if you see an email asking you that same question, don't open it. The spam messages have a subject of "phone calls" and look like this: Read more…