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Samsung biometric payment services set to go live in South Korea, then the world

Mobile payments security

The biometric revolution moved one step closer this week, as Samsung IT services subsidiary Samsung SDS confirmed plans to launch a "simple" mobile payment system using biometric authentication in the very near future.

"Look at me" - forget fingerprints, here comes a Samsung tablet with iris recognition

US research institute SRI has inked a deal with Samsung to build a tablet with built-in iris recognition.

Samsung's S5 fingerprint reader was cracked PDQ...wonder how long your eye-prints will hold up?

Is that Google Glass wearer stealing your iPad passcode?

Tablet. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

What about the one with a smartwatch? Snoopers can catch your code from nearly 10 feet away with Google Glass or Samsung's smartwatch and from almost 150 away using a HD camcorder, thanks to researchers' custom-coded, shadow-tracking recognition algorithm.

Google's after your health data with 'Google Fit' service

Dumbbells. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Google's reportedly about to jump into the growing fitness data marketplace - a mosh pit that consumer advocates are already calling a privacy nightmare - to wrestle with Apple and Samsung for the data getting created by fitness trackers and health-related apps.

SSCC 144 - iOS malware, fingerprint security, WhatsApp privacy, hacking the taxman [PODCAST]


How bad is the risk from iOS malware? What's the state of play in fingerprint security? Should you trust mobile apps? Is it wise to hack the taxman? What if Brian Krebs calls to warn you've been pwned?

Chet and Duck turn their wit and insight on the week's news...

Microsoft devours Nokia and charges ahead with Windows Phone 8.1


Microsoft's multi-billion-dollar deal to acquire the devices arm of mobile phone maker Nokia is finally done, and smartphones under the name Microsoft Mobile will soon be rolling out of Nokia's former factories. But will Windows Phone 8.1 security features help Microsoft make inroads in the enterprise market?

Monday review - the hot 21 stories of the week


It's weekly roundup time!

Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.

Heartbleed bust, Fingerprint fakery, WhatsApp privacy SNAFU - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


What happens if you hack your local tax office? Can you trust the Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint security? Did WhatsApp finally get security right in its app?

Find out the answers in one entertaining minute of video - it's 60 Second Security!

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader hacked - it's the iPhone 5s all over again!


The Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner can be fooled with wood glue, just like Apple's "Touch ID" sensor in the iPhone 5s.

So why are both Apple and Samsung touting fingerprint scanners as more secure than passwords?

Pentagon OKs Androids, BlackBerrys for soldiers

Pentagon OKs Androids, BlackBerrys for soldiers

The US Department of Defense has approved the use of Samsung phones running "Knox," a hardened version of Android.

Samsung Galaxy security vulnerability unlocks homescreen


If you're nimble enough, you can get past the Galaxy Note 2's lock screen. And PIN. And password. And face unlock.

Samsung Smart TV security hole allows hackers to watch you, change channels or plug in malware

Samsung Smart TV security hole allows attackers to watch you, change channels or plug in malware

Researchers have found a vulnerability in an unspecified model of a Samsung LED 3D TV that they exploited to get root access to the TV and any attached USB drives. The bug, which can be used to gain root access, affects multiple Samsung models and device generations, they say.

Hard-coded password found in Samsung printers, security fix planned

Samsung printers come with hard-coded password

Companies using Samsung and Dell-branded printers are being warned that a hard coded administrative account could allow remote attackers to take control of their device, according to an alert from the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT).

Google subpoenaed by FBI to access a pimp's pattern-locked Samsung smartphone

pimp by Carole

The story of the Pimpin Hoes Daily gang founder Dante Dears, his pattern-locked Samsung phone, the feds, google, and subpoenas. Why couldn't the FBI get into the locked phone? Get the popcorn - this is interesting.

Android permissions glitch allows eavesdropping, data theft


Academic researchers have demonstrated flaws in the Android permissions system that could allow rogue applications to gain access to SMS messages, GPS or even record audio from affected devices.

Apple got the iPad from WHERE?


Apple insists to a Californian court that it "revolutionized the telecommunications industry in 2007 when it introduced the wildly popular iPhone."

Samsung begs to differ.

Aldi supermarkets withdraw infected hard disks

Aldi supermarkets withdraw infected hard disks

Supermarket giant Aldi joins an extensive club of companies which have shipped devices with a pre-installed virus - in Aldi's case, for the second time!

No, Samsung is not shipping laptops with keylogger/spy software...

samsung logo

After yesterday's concern about laptops being shipped with keylogging software installed, it has now been confirmed that the issue was all due to a false positive.

Is Samsung intentionally shipping laptops with keylogger/spy software?


This story was based on some inaccurate reporting, and has been updated to reflect the updated information. See No Samsung is not shipping laptops with keyloggers for updated information.

Windows Phone 7 update bricks some handsets - Microsoft in security middle ground


Microsoft released a faulty update for their new Windows Phone 7 platform this week, could this have an impact on their ability to deploy security updates?